Comments by Diane Brosin

Big Wave EIR community comments and County Planning responses are now available

November 16, 2010
I just read all (okay, so I admit, I scanned a few and skipped some of the incredibly repetitious attachments)the comments. Regardless of where one's sympathies lie, it's quite remarkable that the Bldg Dept. is recommending approval in the face of concerns by so many gov't agencies. The list includes GSD, MWSD, MCC, Department of the Interior, Department of Transportation, not to mention the county's own Dept. of Public Works. I find myself wondering how a single dept. like Planning and Building…

Supervisors reject vote on district elections

July 13, 2010
It's outrageous that the supervisors not only ignored recommendations of an impartial panel, but won't even allow the electorate to weigh in on this. Do we know how each of them voted? I would like those of us who are offended by this imperial grab of our rights to start a letter writing campaign at the very least, to let the offending supervisors know how we feel.

What next after we’ve lost our clinic?  Meeting tonight in HMB

April 24, 2009
I received this info too late to act on it (assuming the "Thursday" mentioned was the Thursday it was posted - the 23rd.) I am very interested in participating in this dialog. Who/ how do find out what's going on with this? I've heard that some of the doctors from CFMC are thinking about banding together and reforming. HOw can I support that? Does anyone know if there is a way to contact our doctors? I'd love it if they set up an email box or something. I feel so helpless on this whole thing. Is…

Town hall on medical center closure offers cold comfort to community

March 24, 2009
I don't understand why my physician has to request my medical records. They are my records. Why can't I have them. Was this addressed at the meeting?

Coastside Family Medical Center closes

March 16, 2009
I'd like to suggest that we all write to our county and state representatives to register our opinions on this sad event.

Coastside Family Medical Center closes

March 15, 2009
I've been using the clinic for most of the 27 years I've been on the Coastside. It never occured to me that it was mostly used by the uninsured. I knew they'd had financial problems in the past, but I'm totally caught off guard by the closure, having heard nothing that would have indicated this. No recent news coverage that I've did this get by me? I called last week to make an appt with Dr. Page, whom I love and have been seeing for years, and they told me she was booked this past week,…