Comments by Bonnie Miller

Stop residential cell towers on the Coastside

September 08, 2010
Most of us appreciate improved cell phone reception. However, cell phone towers are commercial industrial installations inappropriate for residential neighborhoods for many reasons. Unfortunately, natural rural aesthetics and concerns about health risks are overshadowed by the revenue stream from cell tower leases and lax US federal emission regulations compared to other industrialized 1st tier countries. Two cell tower proposals for residential Pacifica neighborhoods were recently withdrawn by T-Mobile…

Tour the Caltrans wetlands restoration in Montara Tuesday

May 03, 2006
Thanks to this article, we and a neighbor who happened to be at the beach meeting point participated in this very informative tour. It was a great way to walk & talk the project, meet the folks from Caltrans, POST, Go Native, etc. and neighbors, and enjoy a balmy afternoon. This seasonal wetland in protected land will be a wonderful resource.