Comments by Mike Weber

Letter: Sign and distribute a petition to Trader Joe’s

June 19, 2006
Is it me or are we in an unending circle here? From what I can tell, the problem with Trader Joe's is that it will bring traffic, i.e. people want it and will shop there. But isn't a major goal to attract more tourists? Isn't this conflicting? I don't see why people are going to come from all over to shop at HMB Trader Joe's. It's far from a Costco, Wal-Mart, Target, or Home Depot. To me, I read that there is a serious demand for practical stores here! I have no interest in 99% of the stores on Main…

Letter: Comcast Cable TV quality problems?

May 04, 2006
Yes, the A's game on channel 13 was simply unwatchable. It's very upsetting because that was the only program I wanted to watch at the time.