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Wavecrest resumes farming on Thanksgiving

November 26, 2006
Perhaps I’m missing something; it wouldn’t be the first time. Judging from the pictures, which are nice by the way, I see a couple tractors, a broadcaster, several people, a few trucks, a security car (shame it has to be that way), and a nicely disked field. What I can’t seem to find, however, are Jack’s magic seeds that Mr. Lansing is apparently writing about. As for moisture deprivation, well, it’s raining. I’ve done a little farming myself (although I’ve only had the pleasure of…

VIDEO: HMB City Council considers Terrace Ave plan, no-light alternative

November 22, 2006
Mr. King, Addressing your question, in short, it won't.

Video: HMB City Council meeting, including campaign finance discussion

November 10, 2006
Barry, This is a very good thing that you are doing here. I, for one, really appreciate it. Not only are you taping the meetings, your breakdown into segments, and the options of QuickTime or Windows format increases accessibility and encourages viewers. It’s this sort of work that needs to be recognized and encouraged, as it only benefits access to public meetings that influence our lives. Educating the public is a great service. Regardless of any one individual’s views on any one individual…

School Board candidates square off Monday, Oct 30

November 06, 2006
Mr. King, you were doing so well with the ‘can’t we all just get along’ theme. What happened? Regarding ‘PCF’s strategy’; what strategy? Is there a strategy that PCF has that I missed? PCF held an interview for all CUSD candidates that wished to participate. Four did. You may remember it; you were there, and welcome, I might add. You participated in the process. It was a fair and open process. After the interviews, the selection committee, about a dozen local residents, discussed, then…

School Board candidates square off Monday, Oct 30

November 05, 2006
Nick Casey wrote a piece on the CUSD candidates Financial Form 460 filings to the County Election Board. His report is accurate, but might need a little enhancement. I saw some minor issues with all the ones I reviewed, but nothing too serious for any, other than Ms. Fisher’s. To highlight the major discrepancies; • It is my understanding that Ms. Fisher has received in-kind contributions that I did not see in her filings. (All the signage, materials included.) • Ms. Fisher placed two ads in…

School Board candidates square off Monday, Oct 30

November 04, 2006
I pulled up Coastsider last night to catch up on comment in regard to the election. Shame on me. Look what I’ve been missing. I was shocked at what I read. Now, upon observing what’s being discussed, I find that among other things, my genitalia, and bodily functions are being talked about by Darin Boville (The Bar, post #12). I see the dialog has regressed to new levels in my absence. I am offended and disturbed that ‘discussion’ has deteriorated to the current level. I’m also disturbed…

Weekend travel times approach an hour on Hwy 92

October 09, 2006
Nice article. The charts are an eye grabber, particularly the top chart demonstrating travel time to HMB (west on Hwy 92). It is interesting from several perspectives. First, I believe it shows October 8th as the date data was collected, showing a high peak, over a four hour plus period. By date shown, it might suggest reasonably normal weekend travel times, as the Pumpkin Festival is yet to come, with Halloween even further away. It appears to verify what we have all known for a long time. Is it…

HMB City Council video: not exactly live, but pretty darn fast

September 22, 2006
I was present at this City Council meeting, and saw Barry and Darin (filming). I thought they were there for a particular Agenda Item, but as it turns out they were trying something new. When I got home from the meeting I had a couple of emails refering to my presentation during Oral Communications (regarding the size of a horse's brain). I wondered how these people knew, considering they weren't there, until one of them said it was on Coastsider. I looked, and watched. Great job. One step closer…

County stops, and then allows, filling and grading at Big Wave

June 26, 2006
It really amazes me that the same small group of people relentlessly contrives to create “controversial issues”, around otherwise benign activities. They use any and every illogical rational to increase the focus of attention on perfectly innocent activities, and the “conspiracy” of those plotting the evil intent behind those activities. “Big Wave” is a perfect example of their creating a controversy over an essentially non-controversial activity. Is it possible, just possible, that people…

Opinion: Fear of Foothill

May 30, 2006
I stand comfortably behind the estimates I received from the two firms I mentioned in a previous posting. Those estimates (both under $10 Million) have a light at either end (to keep it simple, and reduce cost). If I had my druthers, I’d like to see a Foothill with an underpass at either end (HWY 1 & HWY 92). I’d be very happy if we got a Foothill with a light on HWY 1 (@ Bayview) and an underpass at the HWY 92 end. Underpasses raise the cost. Both firms that gave estimates put each underpass…

Opinion: Fear of Foothill

May 25, 2006
Last October, I was asked a question by a HMB resident. She started her question proudly stating she was a “no growther” (sorry Barry, just quoting), then went on with her question. In responding to her question, I started by addressing her first comment. If we (HMB) built a wall completely encompassing HMB, and let no one in or out, we’d still have growth. That is a reality. All evidence supports that statement. So we need to think about our options. One option is we can control growth. We’ve…

Opinion: Fear of Foothill

May 23, 2006
Mr. Ferreira is mistaken on several points. At the 5/02 City Council meeting he announced that costs of Foothill would be in the neighborhood of “$150 to $200 million,” slightly less than the Devil’s Slide double-bore tunnel. Over and over he described, both at the Council meeting and here in his 3-part series and various comments, the freeway version of Foothill from the City’s 1992 Circulation Element, complete with 4 lanes, bridges, and causeways. Why??? That isn’t being proposed.…

Terrace stoplight: Recipe for traffic disaster

May 15, 2006
Who signed this Agreement with Ailanto? Mr. Bacon raises more than a few very interesting points regarding the Settlement Agreement between the City, Coastal Commission, and Ailonto. The 2001 Coastal Commission ‘approval of 126 house subdivision with some special conditions …’, spoke to lot retirement, temporary and permanent access for the project, and more. The signed Agreement (2004), is an about face on several key issues. According to the Agreement (pg 3), ‘The applicant shall pay to…

Opinion:  Foothill Bypass, Part III: We can’t afford it

May 11, 2006
I would like to start by addressing a few comments posted on this site that are inaccurate, according to the information that I have, regarding Foothill. The purpose is simply to educate coastal residents with facts, and hopefully sway voters in a direction that will improve our quality of life. Foothill, as proposed by CCF, would be a 2 lane road, connecting 92 (by the goat farm) to HWY 1 at Bayview (1/2 way between Grandview & Terrace Avenue). The idea that infrastructure is a “new buzzword”…

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