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Try out Coastsider’s new calendars

October 01, 2007
This is great! I'm a big fan of Google's calendar feature.

Prepare for a detour on Devil’s Slide

June 04, 2007
If what you say regarding Phase I/II is correct, then the photos posted here are labeled incorrectly. In the photos Phase I is on the cliff side, and Phase II is inland.

Prepare for a detour on Devil’s Slide

June 01, 2007
It seems to me the roadwork under preparation now is for Phase II rather than Phase I. The way I see it, we've been on phase I for quite a while now. They moved the road toward the cliff to do the work for the rock cut and retaining wall. Now they are preparing a stretch to the east, toward the retaining wall. So it seems like we are about to transition from Phase I to Phase II. Do I have it wrong?

“What’s Up in the Universe?” in HMB, Saturday, May 12

May 09, 2007
This looks interesting. I'm wondering why this doesn't show up in the Coastside Calendar? I subscribe to the coastside calendar in Google, and it would be great if events like this showed up there. That way I could see them on my home page.

Devil’s Slide is open!

August 05, 2006
Wow. I'm amazed how quickly the comments here turned negative. I say hat's off to Caltrans for getting the road fixed as quickly as they did - a round the clock effort that only paused to celebrate 4th of July. It's an amazing feat of engineering, too. And they did right by underpromising and overdelivering. If you watch the videos where the geologists describe the nature of the landslide area - it's obvious that this volatile cliff route will some day end up in the ocean. And, as they said, a catastrophic…

Albertsons closing in HMB

June 29, 2006
There's already an organized effort. I signed a petition for Trader Joe's in front of Albertson's this past weekend. I don't remember who was organizing it. I should have made a note of it. Might as well join efforts. Does anyone here know who is doing it?

Albertsons closing in HMB

June 07, 2006

Terrace stoplight: Recipe for traffic disaster

May 12, 2006
Thanks for posting this history - now I understand why a vote against this light is so critical and I'm appalled. What I fail to understand is why "in 2004, the Commission and City signed a three-way settlement agreement that further capitulates to the developer." The terms, including gag order and forced recommendation of a light that would be a determinent to the whole coast, make no sense. Why would they agree to this? What were they so worried about? Seems so idiotic that it's still hard to understand.

Fly through Devil’s Slide using Google Earth

April 08, 2006
This is amazing. You need to play around with it a bit to get the full sense of what this can do. A note about some trouble I had. When I launched it, I got an error. I was able to work around the problem by first picking the menu "Set Google Earth to OpenGL Mode" in the Start Menu in Windows. This may not work for everyone, and may not be necessary, but I thought I'd share that in case someone else has the same problem.

Devil’s Slide is closed indefinitely

April 03, 2006
Looks from the photo that this is just south of where the bridge will connect up to the highway, meaning I think the bridge route will avoid this stretch. There is a long raised earthen barrier a bit further north and I believe the bridge will connect up just north of that.

Letter: Power out in Moss Beach yet again

March 17, 2006
Yesterday evening it rained, very, very hard in the City and down to Pacifica. It wasn't raining quite so hard in Moss Beach. It stopped overnight, but around 4 am the power went out, again.

Letter: Power out in Moss Beach yet again

March 15, 2006
And it went out again today. I just reset all the clocks... Let's enter a comment here every time the power goes out and see how long this blog gets.

Letter: You can help stop the City Council’s cynical gutting of planning commission

December 18, 2005
For those of us who can't attend, what's the best way to help? Write a letter? To whom? Can we send email? It's tough to make these meetings since they are always during the business week when I'm working.

Midcoast residents ask supervisors to reconsider LCP revisions

December 10, 2005
I sent a letter to the board prior to the meeting and encouraged others to do the same. Was there any mention of the balance of support from those who were unable to attend and sent letters instead? Is there any reason to believe the board even pays attention to such letters?

Is affordable housing the elephant in the room or the camel’s nose?

August 14, 2005
This is a very well-thought and challenging editorial. Exactly the kind of writing you can't find in the mainstream press. Kudos.

Federal government to supply $150 million to build Devil’s Slide tunnel

March 16, 2005
There is conflicting information in the Chronicle story and in the HMB Review: According to the Chronicle, "Caltrans is expected to break ground on the six-year project on May 6." According the the HMB Review, "Groundbreaking has been scheduled for April 5, with a ceremony and after-party at the Half Moon Bay Brewing Company." Anyone know which source is correct?

Federal government to supply $150 million to build Devil’s Slide tunnel

March 16, 2005
Thank you for your efforts, Assemblyman Yee. I was worried when the Coastal Commission introduced yet another roadblock, and I was delighted at the way you dealt with the problem promptly, and even more so when the governor signed the bill. Now with funding secured this project will finally see the light of day. Great job!

The County will crack down on illegal billboards on Highway 92

February 01, 2005
Right on! Nice job, Barry! This is what investigative journalism is about! You are making a big difference here on the coast, and this resident thanks you!

Responses to HMB Review’s endorsements

November 10, 2004
The Review ran my letter, which include my previous comment, after which they attached the following comment: >> Editor's note: You are not holding the Philadelphia Inquirer nor are you reading the paper in the City of Brotherly Love. The Inquirer's manner of endorsement has caused some waves in the newspaper world. Some find it groundbreaking, others wonder whether it is spineless pandering so as not to upset anyone. We feel it is important to interview the candidates and tell readers where…

Responses to HMB Review’s endorsements

October 28, 2004
It's worth comparing the editorial policy of the Review, which did not provide a venue for rebuttal to their editorial endorsement, to that of the Philadelphia Inquirer, which ran a series of editorials called "21 Reasons to Elect Kerry" [ ]. The editors of the Philedelphia Inquirer made it a point to balance each editorial in favor of Kerry with a rebuttal essay from supporters of Bush. NPR's "Fresh Air" interviewed the editors…

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