Comments by jill eyres

Letter: What can be done about power outages in Montara?

January 06, 2007
Steve, you must either be one of the lucky few who can get cell phone reception in Montara, or have one o' them old-fangled non-electric phones. :-) When my power goes down, I've got NOTHING -- no power to my phones, no power to my modem (even if I had cable data). I fumble for my keys, get in my car, and head out of town so I can call PG&E.... ~jill on Franklin

Caltrans plans to announce schedule Tuesday

May 15, 2006
Mr Hoffman - I'm not necessarily agreeing or disagreeing with your arguments. However, I find it amusing that a man who can't even convince his own wife to give up her car thinks he can convince anyone else to do it. Kudos for trying, though. Really.