Comments by Lucy Lopez

CCF asks Coastal Commission 25 questions

June 19, 2006
Kathryn Your comment referring to the petition insinuates that it was circulated under false pretenses and that citizens were misinformed on the issue. Actually it was a positive learning experience for many Coastsiders who thanked us for informing them of the proposed signal light project. Furthermore, I was there outside of Longs, when you were asked to sign the petition and you refused. You were not told that “no stop lights would be added if the Terrace light did not go in”. Your comment,…

Opinion: Fear of Foothill

May 25, 2006
Steve Skinner’s suggestion that all interested parties do their own research into the Ailanto agreement is an excellent idea. It will reinforce Don Bacon’s concerns about the terms of the Settlement Agreement and refute Steve’s idea that the settlement agreement was negotiated with the interests of the citizens in mind. Steve’s statement, “Sounds like a win-win to me, Terrace Ave. residents issues notwithstanding” has the same tone as the settlement agreement. This agreement was negotiated…