Comments by Eric Nelson

HMB’s attorneys explain why paying Keenan is the only option they recommend

May 20, 2009
The $5 million is unrestricted funds that were paid to Half Moon Bay which they are free to spend. I would wonder if they still have that total amount around given the decrease in revenues which resulted in the layoff of the city employees. It doesn't rally matter since they need to come up with the $18 million and that appears to be coming thought a bond issue. They still own for the "park" on 92, so I doubt that here is any spare cash laying around.

Video: HMB City Council ends anonymous appeals, considers firearms discharge

May 23, 2007
As I am sure that you are aware that in your example one can automatically appeal that decision to the Coastal Commission either because there is an appeal fee or they meet the “good cause” for not being able to do so at the local level. I don’t believe the Commission allows anonymous appeals. Having said that, I have no problem with mandating that an appeal be filled by a real person and requiring that person (or their representative) be present at the appeal. In the spirit of good neighbors,…

What’s wrong with downtown Half Moon Bay?

March 15, 2007
Just what exactly do you want the City Council to do? Are you suggesting that they somehow limit either the type of store or restrict it to local ownership? How about rent control? I hear the complaints about not having anything in downtown HMB that people want to buy, but yet there is not a commitment to shop in a store if they carried a particular item. What store or product is missing? What exactly would you stop going over the hill if you could get it in HMB? Here is the chance to find solution…

School Board candidates square off Monday, Oct 30

November 03, 2006
Thank you Ken for you response. I would like to follow up on some points. The exclusion of ESL students from the immersion program is problematic. How can you discriminate based on ethnic background from a school program? This quickly becomes a separate but equal issue which will not fly. Making a change to another language changes the game (why not French?) but still presents the same problem with another group. Would there be a hurdle English skills test of entering first graders to determine if…

School Board candidates square off Monday, Oct 30

November 01, 2006
The declining enrollment at Cunha is a direct result of not building a new middle school years ago. All that one has to do is look at the changes in demographics and income levels that have come with the rise in housing prices to understand that there is a growing group of parents who do not have to wait for the school board to solve the political battles on the coast. They are not willing risk wasting their children’s development on a dysfunctional district. Those with the resources are opting…

Who should replace David Gorn?

July 03, 2006
There are only three votes that count in this election: Ms. Partridge, Ms. Fraser, and Ms. McClung. I am sure that they have conferred and contacted their candidate. I would not expect he/she to register until shortly before the deadline. They will go through the motions, but in the end they will have their person. Have we not learned from the Planning Commission? The only people that we have to blame for this situation are ourselves. We have allowed the council to select a replacement instead of…

Caltrans is less certain a new traffic light is needed

June 07, 2006
I went to the presentation and spoke with Mr. Nozarri and Mr. Moghbel outside after (Brian was also present). There are several points that I feel need to be addressed to clarify the situation. This issue of authority. Caltrans claims that they have complete authority to built and operate the metering lights. This is based on a.) They have a emergency coastal permit and spoke to the Coastal Commission yesterday concerning this issue b.) The metering lights represent a modification of the existing…

SamTrans adding buses from Coastside to BART

June 01, 2006
Why Main and Kelly? If this is really is an express bus, why not use the corner of 92 and Main eastbound (the right turn lane is perfect) and in front of Albertsons on the return? I wonder if SamTrans knows Main is closed at 92 in the morning? Where will people park? Eric