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Highway 1 parallel trail funding uncertain

April 06, 2014
At their April 3 meeting, the San Mateo County Transportation Authority approved the full $500,000 requested for planning/permitting the southern segment of the Midcoast Highway 1 Parallel Trail.

MROSD concerned about rodenticide’s effect on local bobcats

April 01, 2014
National Parks Conservancy’s Christine Carey wrote about the danger to our native wildlife from rodenticides in her February Rancho Corral de Tierra newsletter. For more information she referred to the “Raptors Are The Solution” (R.A.T.S.) website, or contact Allen Fish at [email protected] A representative from R.A.T.S. will give an informational presentation at the April 23 Midcoast Community Council meeting. Reckitt Benckiser, the parent company of…

Rat Poison Kills More Than Rats

March 27, 2014
Here’s a how-to video on successful rat control trapping methods by a professional.

County proposes LED streetlights for Midcoast communities

March 24, 2014
This meeting will provide the initial discussion with the community about this issue. Supervisor Horsley's Aide Nicholas Calderón will present the issue. This is the time to ask questions and give feedback. It is hoped there can be some small local trial installations so that people can see what it looks like. The County is motivated by the major energy conservation benefits and related cost savings. The light spectrum of moonlight also has appeal. I notice the Air Force recently changed their string…

La Costanera restaurant seeking permit for daytime operation

March 23, 2014
The Planning Commission hearing on changes in the restaurant Use Permit has been delayed once again due to recent comment letter from State Parks. MCC March 12 meeting post has links to slide presentation and approved Council comment letter, as well as background documents.

Highway 1 parallel trail funding uncertain

March 06, 2014
I attended and spoke on behalf of MCC at the Transportation Authority (TA) meeting this evening. It was abundantly clear that Supervisor Horsley (and Aide Nicholas Calderón) have been lobbying hard for our trail and it was the main topic of discussion among the TA Board members on this informational item. TA staff gave their report on their recommendations per the adopted point system. Some Board members spoke up advocating for some solution to fund the "Coastside trail". Others wanted to be sure…

La Costanera restaurant seeking permit for daytime operation

March 05, 2014
Kevin, The current restaurant permit says hours limited to 5PM until "normal closing time", which is undefined. They currently list closing time as 10PM, but could legally stay open later. While the application for permit modification asks for 10AM - 2AM on Fridays and weekends, the county could modify the closing time if they chose, so it's a useful comment to make. I'm guessing the CCC would not have issue with the closing time as their issue is parking and public coastal access.

La Costanera restaurant seeking permit for daytime operation

March 04, 2014
It's not a typo. 10AM - 2AM.

Sheriff’s report: Sept 22

September 25, 2011
Trespassing on San Gregorio Beach? Is it trespassing to go to San Gregorio Beach?

Slide show: Big Wave hearing presentation by Sabrina Brennan

November 22, 2010
Kevin, your questions are answered in the County's zoning ordinance Section 6326.2 Tsunami Inundation Area Criteria which does not allow schools, hospitals, nursing homes, or other buildings or development used primarily by children or physically or mentally infirm persons in the tsunami zone.

MWSD set new water rates Thursday night

November 21, 2010
In justifying their new 4-tier rate structure MWSD compares it to neighboring water districts in Pacifica and HMB. Apparently ignored is the fact that those districts only apply their tiered rates to residential single-family customers, not apartment houses with single master meter or mobilehome parks, or for that matter, their schools and hospitals. Under the new MWSD rates those larger master meter customers will quickly reach the highest punitive 4th tier rate and be charged that for virtually…

Montara Water Rate Hikes Unfair to Families

November 01, 2010
The 227 homes at Pillar Ridge are part of the district. Though a well water plant was built here 20 years ago, we still depend on MWSD for backup when our system is down, and would really prefer to turn the whole thing over to MWSD. With our one 4-inch meter connection for the whole neighborhood, the new highest punitive rate would be charged for virtually all our MWSD water. Thus a water-conserving Pillar Ridge family using only 6 units/mo would run up a $106/mo water bill ($104.10 volume + their…

Gray Squirrels on the Coastside?

October 25, 2010
Naughty squirrels in Woodside robbed the vegetables, flower heads, and even ate all the new shoots of the ornamental bamboo. I was thrilled they weren't here in Moss Beach when I moved here in '97. Hope they don't come round now.

Video: “I want the Big Wave project!”

October 24, 2010
So many people I've spoken to agree the project is not a good thing, but they are afraid to speak up for fear of being characterized as against the developmentally disabled. The result is the public hearings are skewed towards project approval. If more people had the courage to stand up and point out that the emperor has no clothes, they would no longer be in the minority.

MCC special meeting: Big Wave site viewing, comments for hearing

October 23, 2010
Very informative flyer for the public hearing, except it makes the Wellness Center parcel look the same size as the Office Park which is about 3 times as big (5 acres vs. 14 acres).

Big Wave story poles up; Next hearing Weds, Oct 27

October 22, 2010
The proposed 20-yr Development Agreement states the application to develop was submitted to the County in October 2005. At two introductory public meetings the project was presented as 2-story office buildings, 156,000 sq.ft. Building permit application dated 11/24/08 states 156,000 sq.ft. office park. It wasn't until Jan 2009 that the office park jumped to 3-stories, 225,000 sq.ft. Now when we ask why the previous alternative isn't being considered as the environmentally preferred alternative, they…

Big Wave story poles up; Next hearing Weds, Oct 27

October 22, 2010
The developer says the front row of office buildings is 2-story, 36 ft tall, and the back 4 buildings will be 3-story, 46 ft. tall. Note that the 2-story warehouse to the north of Pillar Ridge Community is just 23 ft tall.

Letter: Stop Big Pave

October 19, 2010
Big Wave Project -- housing for 50 developmentally disabled adults and office park (225,000 sq.ft, 50 ft tall) for 850 employees on Airport St.

Letter: Stop Big Pave

October 19, 2010
Re the Office Park story poles -- it's not clear what the existing poles represent because the County's NOP notice says the project is still four 3-story buildings, but the 10/27 hearing agenda says the office park is now 8 buildings, with the front row 2 stories and the back row 3 stories. The 4-building version buildings are 50 ft tall, lots taller than most 3-story buildings. In any case, only the southern-most office building, or about 1/4 of the office park is represented by story poles as of…

Save The Fitzgerald Marine Reserve

August 16, 2010
I’m a bit confused between the lengthy discussion in the FMR Master Plan about the degradation of the reef from overuse, the need to restrict use, and this new beach access plan which is basically a short but wide asphalt boulevard to the reef replacing a beautiful natural area with black road paving and retaining walls as high as tall people, with the one benefit that wheel chair access will be extended from the upper viewing level (which already has quite a good view) to the lower level (but…

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