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Photos: Raising baby hummingbirds

July 05, 2010
Lovely pictures - what a treat for you to watch the action!

San Mateo County Deprives Unincorporated Midcoast of Federal Stimulus Funding

April 23, 2010
DPW staff said there are stimulus funds allotted for repaving Princeton Ave., slated for 2011. Maybe there are other projects too?

Coastsiders in support of off-leash dogs

March 07, 2010
There is the option at Wavecrest of visiting the dog park for an off-leash run and then walking your dog on leash. As strong as the bond may be between a person and their dog, as well as dogs may serve as surrogate children, the reality is they are not children and our society does not treat them as such. We were all children once. I think it is best not to equate tolerating children with dogs. The subject is emotional enough as it is. I've had two scary and eye-opening experiences with aggressive…

Coastsiders in support of off-leash dogs

March 07, 2010
We live in an ever-more crowded world, of humans and their pets. I personally do not give greater value to the quality of life of a pet compared to wild creatures that share our beautiful environment. No matter ones feelings for ones dog, they are perceived by wild creatures as predators, as something to be afraid of and run away from. Perhaps this dynamic only prevents other hikers from seeing and hearing the wildlife, diminishing their experience of the open space preserve, but sometimes it endangers…

Consultants’ plan for Hwy 1 lacks awareness of our environment and community

March 03, 2010
Any motorist knows it's a lot easier to enter Hwy 1 by turning right than by turning left, to the point that sometimes a left turn is impossible, whereas a right turn is always possible. Ped/bike crossing would be a lot safer with a center island for a safe pause, taking each side of the hwy separately. Closing in the sometimes very wide paved shoulder at least visually, would also narrow the exposed crossing distance. Ways to implement these concepts seem like achievable short term goals. I tend…

Consultants’ plan for Hwy 1 lacks awareness of our environment and community

March 02, 2010
I was impressed with a roundabout up in Arcata at the junction of freeway offramps with the cross street going over the freeway. Instead of a wide expanse of pavement and waiting at an array of traffic lights, there were attractive plantings to drive through at a safe speed with no waiting. It was actually fun to drive through it. I had never seen anything quite like it. I hope we can keep an open mind about the advantages of well-designed roundabouts instead of signalized intersections here on the…

Video: Waves swamp Mavericks spectators

February 16, 2010
Clearly visible in the middle of the mayhem where tents and stuff were set up is the big permanent harbor sign, "DANGER Deadly Waves at Any Time" with a graphic of a person with a big wave curving over him.

Document:  Staff report for Big Wave study session, Weds

January 24, 2010
Re construction phasing, the staff report reiterates the 30-36 month time-line, as though the 15- to 20-year phased development plan didn't exist. Interesting discussion of affordability still leaves many questions unanswered. Questa's peer review comments on water balance in the appendices calls out the critical missing info on wet season drainfield capacity, "We are now in the wet season and the applicant should be able to provide information on drainfield groundwater conditions, percolation and…

Possible mountain lion sighted near Pillar Ridge

January 07, 2010
Bobcats have been sighted numerous times and photographed at Pillar Ridge, in back yards on the west side bordering the open space and around the community center.

Why is Harbor Village deserted?

December 15, 2009
I wish they'd change the sign out near Hwy 1 that says Half Moon Bay Harbor. What's with that? The little building that houses Mezza Luna Cafe was the first to be built and sat empty for years. I was told it was built because the development agreement (from the 90's) said construction had to start by a certain date.

Big Wave “trails” are hardly worthy of the name

December 15, 2009
Guess again, Kevin - BW does not reach POST property. Marsh and private property intervene. Then there's the problem of the impassably steep slide-prone bluff face there. It was last February that POST wrote Big Wave and County Planning noting the inaccuracy and requesting the reference be “removed from this and future maps of your project so that this mischaracterization does not persist, or else it may be misleading to the public and to agencies that need to review and approve the plans.” Not…

We need a way to cross Highway 1 safely in Moss Beach and Montara

December 12, 2009
I like Leonard's idea of a number of protected center islands worked into the center left turn lane, as a potentially quick and easy significant pedestrian/bike improvement. As for speed limit, hey it's a village. What's the speed limit down in Davenport on Hwy 1?

We need a way to cross Highway 1 safely in Moss Beach and Montara

December 11, 2009
I was very impressed with the presentation on roundabouts at the Traffic & Trails Workshop last June. It debunked lots of misconceptions and explained the difference from "traffic circles". Roundabouts help the pedestrian by segmenting the crossing process where at each stage traffic is only coming from one direction. Traffic is continually calmed but keeps flowing -- not the long backed-up lines at a traffic light alternating with fast traffic. With narrower segmented pavement areas and landscaping,…

Thanks to everyone working to bring light to Big Wave

November 08, 2009
The economic analysis for the project was completed in 2007 when the office park project was 155,000 sq.ft. Even then the conclusions were cautious recommending construction of one building at a time, waiting till it filled before building another. The study said completion of the tunnel would be critical because the population base of Pacifica would be needed to help fill the projected jobs and they wouldn't want to commute to the Midcoast unless transportation were assured. Now economic times have…

Where were the Big Wave notifications?

October 31, 2009
The developer refuses to put up story poles during this critical public comment period. For size comparison, the warehouse building at 850 Airport St. just north of the Pillar Ridge community and easily seen from Hwy 1, is 24 ft tall. Big Wave plans 4 office park buildings that are twice that tall (46.5 ft is the latest dimension they give - add to that 4 ft of solar & wind turbines on the roof, plus raised grade).

Where were the Big Wave notifications?

October 30, 2009
Watched Wed's MCC meeting on TV last night - Supervisor Gordon's aid read the applicant's reply to the County's request for the poles.

Where were the Big Wave notifications?

October 29, 2009
The public comment hearing is Nov. 18. Written comments accepted till Dec 7. That's it - last chance. Comments/questions raised on the Draft EIR will be addressed in the Final EIR to come out in Jan(?) but there won't be any opportunity to change that. The developer says they won't put up story poles until the Final EIR (Jan?) because the County can't make them do it, and because it would interfere with the farmer's winter crop and be a hardship for the workers'families. Ever since they started pre-development…

Peace breaks out at Pillar Point

October 28, 2009
In fall 2008 the pampas grass on Air Force property was all sprayed under contract with GoNative. I was told that followup would be done this past summer and some planting of natives this fall. Folks at the Mavericks Surf contest said they sponsored that. But judging by the amount of rebloom there this year, the followup work may not have been done. Seems a shame - they made such a great start. But it will come back quickly if it is neglected again.

Where were the Big Wave notifications?

October 27, 2009
Everybody at Pillar Ridge got a notice. We're trying to get them to put up story poles so people can better understand the size of the project.

Mavericks public safety meeting tonight in Princeton

October 22, 2009
It was my understanding that the surf contest people provided financing & volunteers for the pampas grass eradication on Air Force property in 2008 and would be doing followup work and planting this fall. Sorry I couldn't attend the meeting. Was there an update on that project?

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