Comments by Neil McMillan

Video Column: Right Here In The Middle

February 06, 2007
What a shocker! A real estate agent that thinks we need to build more houses! I love it when the people who stand to gain the most from "development" and high home prices tell me how sad it is that prices are so high. Who tells their client to set the price so high? Who takes the increased commission? There are plenty of houses already for sale on the coast, why do we need to build more?

Opinion: City Council to HMB kids: Drop dead

August 15, 2006
"Sorry, not everyone wants to troupe up to one of our sad schoolyards to play. Most kids want to play with their friends right near their houses." Just because a kid 'wants' something, does that mean they have to get it? Maybe Mike could build a basketball court in his backyard, so all the neighborhood kids could come over to his house whenever they 'want' to shoot some hoops! It's all about the kids, right? By the way, I don't see any basketball being played in the picture!

Letter: Our Congress members must stop Pombo’s drilling bill

August 01, 2006
I urge all coastsiders that care about our air, water, parks, forests, ocean inhabitants and our future to support Jerry McInerney in his drive to defeat Richard Pombo. Pombo seeks to undo everything that most of us support, clean air, the preseservation of park lands and endangered species, the ban on whaling and offshore drilling. Anything that could be considered "environmental", he is working around the clock to eliminate. His biggest financial supporters are those who stand to gain the most…

Measure S loses with 61% of the vote

June 22, 2006
Ray, A parcel tax is not "giving", but perhaps "giving" is the answer. Instead of debating how much is spent or how little, maybe the folks who support Measure S ought to devote their energies to raising money by donations. Or maybe they could support a 'Child Tax', let's say $500 for each for 5 years, so the people who utilize the schools can fund them, like a gas tax. I also think it's optimistic to say that "...the majority of the coastside believes this as they voted for Yes for S". I think it's…