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Half Moon Bay golf course will remove controversial seawall

June 12, 2005
Ocean Colony Partners is "under new management", so to speak, and when they make good decisions I'm willing to echo Mark Massara's thanks, to tip my hat, and to say "good decision". In a short time I've seen several tough decisions by Mr. Russell, and this 18th green/rip-rap decisionl is definitely one of them. Considering the huge expense, difficulty, and business disruption of removing the rip-rap plus moving the green, this was no easy call. At the Southern edge of the green the property ownership…

Pillar Point Harbor’s beaches among the most polluted in California

May 27, 2005
Barry, I suspect that Dean's concerns as expressed by "he suspects that the high bacteria counts may be due to the large bird population in the Harbor" might well be expanded to include the folks living in their boats, the seals, the fish-cleaning detritus, and the most causative of all factors - the very poor circulation within the confines of the breakwater. The breakwater is also blamed for the disappearance of sand from Miramar Beach and the rapid bluff erosion at Mirada Surf due to its interference…

San Francisco Garter Snake is coming to San Francisco Zoo

May 27, 2005
Barry, That's a great picture of the San Francisco Garter Snake. Believe it or not, I have heard from some locals that they don't believe there ever really was a San Francisco Garter Snake, that it was just a legend, a misidentified Coastside Garter Snake. Belief systems can be interesting, however. Don't be surprised when they now believe you've "planted" a fake picture... Mike

Cash-poor millionaire ranchers, the Aratas came to a deal with POST

December 30, 2004
Every once in a while I get to enjoy reading an article which displays that the reporter really made an effort to get it just right. This is one of those. Excellent work by Amelia... Mike

Album: red tailed hawk at Poplar Beach

November 12, 2004
We are so fortunate to have these creatures wintering among us. My compliments to the photographer. I hope there will more posts such as this one... Mike

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