Comments by Suzy Kristan

Letter: Montara Mountain Lovers, please leash your dogs

September 30, 2008
I thought I should point out that although there are not signs posted all over the coast, such as residential areas and downtown, there is both a city of HMB and a County of San Mateo ordinance that dogs are to be leashed unless they are confined on your own property or where posted OK such as the dog park area south of town. I could even work with the calling your dog back and leashing him until people/other dogs pass, however I have rarely have experienced this. I understand what you're saying…

HMB settlement gives Keenan 129 houses on Beachwood and Glencree—and more

April 02, 2008
Ken, do you mean city council or city staff?

HMB loses $36 million judgement

December 07, 2007
Joe I found it worked great to just to download the document and read at my leisure rather than adding to my stacks paper I already plow through in any given day. Just a thought. A shout out to Darin Boville for taking the time to downlaod all the PDF files of related documents, etc., avaiable on It's big job I know! Thanks!

HMB loses $36 million judgement

November 30, 2007
Joe did you read the entire judgment? In addition to the testimony of Gary Whelen, he had extensive written and other documentation that stood up to the court litmus test of credibility proving that there was not a wetland there BEFORE the city initiated the TADD project. The work did indeed take place. This was common 'local' knowledge back then (I’m not trying to pull the “how long have you lived here” card). Quite frankly the city should have set aside the sewer connections…

Video: The Witch’s House, parts 2 & 3

October 31, 2007
LOVE the videos!! It's nice to know someone else is more over the edge about Halloween than our family. Our kids are grown now but they are carrying on the huanted house tradition in Palo Alto, Oceanside and Phoenix. I hope you'll have video from this evening. We'll be there! Looking forward to sending the web page on to the kids for their enjoyment. Keep up the great work Darin!

City and Chamber welcome Peet’s with official ribbon-cutting

October 23, 2007
FYI-I believe the LaDiDa cafe is still for sale if Raman is interested in another location in HMB

Field Notes: Coastside Farmers Market

August 11, 2007
Hmmm when I have a bad day (not "goofy") I try very hard not to take it out on those around me. I stopped by the Pacifica market on my way home from work, and to say you were feeling 'icky' is an understatment. Me thinks you could use more than one day off....and I really do hope those wonderful local foods keep you golden.

Video: A visit to the mysterious, forbidden Farallon Islands

July 10, 2007
FABULOUS!!! Seeing the Farallones close up is so wonderful after seeing them from afar for so long. Hearing the almost deafening sounds of the all the sea birds...amazing! This video is great. I felt like I was with my grandfather out of Morro Bay heading north against the swell (yeah I got sick too)some 30 years ago. Thanks so much for sharing!

Video: HMB City Council considers not improving Hwy 1 at Terrace

April 12, 2007
What I don't understand about the Terrace intersection is this: My sister worked on the Highland Park subdivison and the Beechwood subdivision back in 89'. At the time of the Highland Park build out, Silver Ave. was REQUIRED by CalTrans to be designed wide enough to accomodate a light and larger traffic flow. (You might notice that this intersection is MUCH wider than the Terrace Ave. intersection). John Pepper Properties had to deposit money for this light. I remember that the deeds for homes on…

Letter: Workshop Monday night for proposed subdivision near Farallone View

March 18, 2007
Though I don't think too highly of building more homes, and I do live on 2nd St. I have to say... Gee I'll so miss the "dog crap trail" that runs across this property and pollutes the adjacent creek...the same one that 'feeds' the wetlands. I'm pretty sure the run-off from homes won't be so offensive. Seriously, try walking on this trail without watching your step! It slays me that so many people think they care about the environment and the mountain here in Montara but NEVER seem to pick up after…

What’s wrong with downtown Half Moon Bay?

March 15, 2007
Couldn't agree more about needing a little more 'Carmelization". So many local businesses close early, many by 6pm. Don't they realize that many local people work over the hill and they aren't even home until after 6pm! This goes for many business all over the coast. I never did understand why businesses here don't have hours that went from say, noon to 8 or 9pm as opposed to 10am to 6pm. I realize the high rents have caused many of the above mentioned businesses to relocate (many are still in business,…

Join Darin Boville for Comet Viewing tonight on Montara Beach

January 14, 2007
Hmm I think you mean 2nd St across from the parking lot? We were there tonight (1/14) cold out, but a beautiful sight!

Opinion:  Tell the county about pumpkin patch traffic on Hwy 92 before Wednesday

August 22, 2006
It seems many families go to both farms and park at one or the other and make the dash across the highway between the two. With that in mind, here's my two cents...the idea for uniformed security or officers is a good one, in addition to having them out there, they could stop traffic and cross pedestrians at regular intervals, say every 15 mins., between the farms. I think that gates would be needed to keep pedestrians back from the roadside while waiting to cross. Gates that swing open across traffic…

One restaurant’s door closes, another one opens

August 11, 2006
FYI-The Hawaiian Restaurant in San Mateo on 3rd is a L&L Hawaiian Barbeque.

One restaurant’s door closes, another one opens

August 09, 2006
So what did happen with Ono does anyone know? They were open Friday but closed and completely vacated on Monday morning.