Comments by Wolfgang Scholtz

Letter: Alternatives to July 4th fireworks?

June 29, 2008
Tim, apology accepted, basically in my comment I was just refering to the mentaly challenged that don't understand the responsibilty of fire safety involved. take care

Letter: Alternatives to July 4th fireworks?

June 28, 2008
Tim don't point your finger at me, I love boom boom powder and yes without a doubt it is part of our heritage. But there are to many people out there that don't realize what safety is. With all the dry vegetation some common sense is a needed, middle of the street with no fields no problem. Have a safe and happy 4th

Letter: Alternatives to July 4th fireworks?

June 28, 2008
Maybe it's time to hold the cities selling fireworks accountable for property damage, injuries and cleanup due to fireworks. Also fireworks are Hazmat materials these places sell them to a minors just to get the money. (I can't even buy certain OTC drugs without showing my license)

HMB to Sacramento: If you don’t support AB1991, we’ll kill this dog

April 17, 2008
Love the magazine front cover, Hilarious!

State park closure hearing in San Jose, April 15

March 25, 2008 Here is a web site that might help our readers to see what else is proposed for closure. Has some good links

Photo:  Pigeon Point Lighthouse’s annual lighting

November 21, 2007
Great photo, outstanding pic

Letter: Airliner over Montara?

November 20, 2007
Flew very low right over my house, I would say approx. 1000 ft or less descending to Half Moon Bay Airport. Totally surprised me.

Cunha returns to old schedule, cancels buses

September 12, 2006
Transportation for our children to and from school has to be one of the worst in the country if not the worst. Also why does Sam Trans put in extra buses for the kids in Pacifica, the #14 bus route? Why can we not do that her in our school system.

Empty supermarkets are not easy to fill

July 13, 2006
The old Safeway in Pacifica (Linda Mar) is a prime example of what happens. It was a dumping ground for many years.