Coastside Farmer’s Market is on for Saturday, rain or shine


By on Fri, December 11, 2009

Well, keep you powder dry tonight Marketeers,

‘Cause it’s likely to be pretty wet on Saturday Morning, but we’ll be open anyway -

The plan is to tuck our vendors under the eaves like we did on our one real wet day last season.  It worked out pretty nicely as I recall.  A few vendors may demur from attending in the event of a deluge- soap & water are fine at home, but don’t fair to well in a downpour- but those of us who are there will be Be there, with boots on.  Bells too if you insist.

I do know that if your heart is set on a tamale tomorrow, I am going to let you down easy now and tell you that Ema & Neftalin will not be at the Market Saturday, but will be back in Pacifica on Wednesday, and that Giusti Farms and Green Oaks Creek are out as well, but will be back for the final days of the season, which is December 19th -

So fling on your slickers, galoshes, mackinaws, balaclavas and c’mon down.  We’ll be sporting our finest winter-wear, and waiting under the eaves for you.  Get your kids to test out all those fantastic rubber boots and learn how puddles work. While you are shopping, pick up a jug of that fresh apple cider, take it home , heat it up, eat a tangerine or two and throw the peels in the cider pot.  When its nice and hot,  give some to the lil’ darlin’s to warm them up, and then - if the mood strikes and you don’t have anywhere else to drive -  spike the rest with Sake ( no kidding! ) for yourself and enjoy it with a really good oatmeal cookie.  Then pause to bow your head in gratitude that you do not live in either Dakota at this time of year.  For I am here to tell you, most of their Farmer’s Markets don’t open ‘till July and they all close for the season by Labor Day -

Welcome to Winter!


Erin Tormey
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