If you have an un-neutered male dog, please keep him on the leash


Posted by on Sun, May 30, 2010

It has become stressful for me to walk on Montara Mountain with my dog because half the time we are there, we encounter the same male german shephard that is un-neutered, and every time he attacks my dog.  I feel like I always have to be on guard.  The owners assure me that it’s something about my dog and that he attacks no one else, but I recently heard from my neighbor that he’s had the same experience.

Having an un-neutered male dog is a big responsibility, and I would appreciate not having to always be on the defense when I’m walking in my neighborhood.  Just now, this dog came aggressively bounding down the street after my dog (who was leashed) and I didn’t even see the owners.


OK, this may sound harsh, but carry a Big Stick. I walk my 2 goats on leashes on the Bluffs near Seal Cove and as a precaution of possibly having an unleashed dog attack them, I bring a big stick. Only once did I feel I might have to use it on a large dog that came bounding up, but I shouted HEY! really loudly and raised the stick above my shoulder in the air and that was all it took to intimidate the dog. Later the owners walked up - but had the dog been viscious, it would have been way too late to “control” their off-leash animal.

I could have used a big stick today in an encounter with a “friendly” 100 lb lab.  The dog was sweet enough, but the owner had no control of their animal.

Next time, carry one, then you’ll have it with you “just in case”!

Actually, a really loud marine horn works just as well and they are very compact. One blast and they stop whatever they are doing and look around with an expression that can only be described as “WTF”

Good idea, but that might spook my goats that would possibly bolt and drag me with them. They are strong! I just take what I have on hand, but I don’t go often. If I did I would consider equiping myself with a horn! What doe one cost, I wonder?

i don’t know what’s goats do. Dogs just stop and look around. They don’t cost very much here is one: Falcon SH3   - Falcon Mini Air Horn 1.5 oz
This mini horn is 100% ozone safe. Meets USCG requirements as a signal device.
Price: $ 7.95

Elizabeth, it sounds like you know who the owners are. In addition to protecting yourself & your dog on your walks, I suggest you contact Jeff Christner, the manager of animal rescue & control at the Peninsula Humane Society/SPCA and file a complaint. His number is 650-340-7022 and his email is .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) .

It’s grossly irresponsible for those people to blame your leashed dog for this interaction. They have a dangerous dog and they need to be held accountable, preferable before someone really gets hurt.

Bear spray… and make no hesitation to use it. It’s better than pepper spray, as it has larger area of coverage and shoots much farther.

Warn out that you are going to use it, but that should serve as only a gesture, and do not worry about providing enough ample warning. The law requires the leash, your protection should not be a consequence in failure to comply.

REI sells a few varieties in the $20-50 range.