Stolen/missing shitzu puppy - HMB


By on Mon, January 4, 2010


Our daughter’s 1 1/2 yr old female black, gray and white Shitzu puppy- PYPER-was stolen from our back yard on 12/31/09 between 10:30 and 11:30pm at Alsace Lorrain and Myrtle. Our gates are closed and the puppy was let outside with our other dog. At 11:30 our Australian Shepherd scratched on the door to be let in but Pyper was not with her.

Our entire family searched the neighborhood until 1:30 am between Kelly,Poplar and along the coastside trail with no luck. We have put up flyers all through the neighborhood, have spoken to neighbors, posted flyers at various stores and have filed respective reports with the police dept and SCPA. A walk through at San Mateo’s SPCA proved fruitless.

Pyper is very hyper and thinks that she is a herding dog. She will hop and fly throughthe air like Rocky from Rocky and Bullwinkle when tryingto rough house with our Australian Shepherd.She knows her name and will get very hyper when called. She is high spirited, lovable but also like to jump up to chew on fingers. Pyper is very loved by her family and her disappearance has done a number on our family, especially our daughter who worked very hard to pay for her. If you notice that a neighbor or friend has recently acquired a Shitzu puppy on or after Jan 1, 2010 and shares the characteristics of our Pyper, or see a puppy that looks like Pyper in passing, try calling her name. If she responds then it is likely Pyper. Please call us at 650-726-4450. No questions asked.We just want our puppy back. We would appreciate any help in getting her back. Blessings and Abundance.

The Humphrey family