The Montara Beach Coalition launches a Web site for my favorite beach

Posted by on Wed, June 23, 2004

image The Montara Beach Coalition has created a beautiful new website dedicated to Montara Beach and the surrounding recreational areas (including McNee Ranch, Gray Whale Cove, and Montara Lighthouse). It’s designed to be a place where people can go for information, pictures, as well as to discuss the area and organize to help the beach.
Illustration: The home page of the Montara Beach Coalition is clearly a labor of love and the work of someone who knows how to design a Web site.

The idea for the Montara Beach Coalition came about after a Save Our Shores beach clean up we attended at Montara. We were chatting with one of the organizers after the event and telling them how we picked litter up on a regular basis ourselves at the beach, and how we were fed up of the trash left behind by the party goers who had fires on the beach late at night (broken glass, pallet nails, beer cans, fast food wrappers, etc.).

Our goal is to hopefully rally local people to get involved and become stewards of Montara Beach (and the surrounding areas) come to the site and join one of the on-line forums to share ideas and views, our motto is to’ Protect, Preserve and Enjoy’ Montara State Beach. The State Parks do not have enough resources to patrol the beach and pick up litter, so we figured we would try to do something to help out. What we hope to achieve is a collaboration between the local Sheriff Dept., The State Parks, SOS, Fire Dept., and local people and businesses to try and control the trash and party fires to make this stunningly beautiful beach a cleaner safer place for all to enjoy. And through on-line education and articles try to promote better litter and pollution awareness.

Thanks to our friends at Coastsider for the support!


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