Darin Boville Gallery open house, Saturday

Darin Boville
Darin Boville
Darin Boville
These images are available as free large 5x8 postcards at the gallery
Press release
posted by Barry Parr
Wed, April 2, 2014
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The Darin Boville Gallery is holding a public open house to celebrate its opening Saturday, April 5, noon to 4pm. There will be beverages and light finger food. The gallery is located in Spanishtown, off Highway 92.

Three of Darin’s photo projects will be on display. First, a series of images based on the work of Ansel Adams, but with lasers. Second, a series of flowers, with an odd glowing quality. Third, on the 50-inch 4k screen, a series of images made from the window of an Amtrak train as it cuts across the middle of California.

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