Photo: Almost to the edge of the known world

Posted by on Wed, May 17, 2006

Charlie Teall
Midcoasters were amused on their way home tonight to see that somebody had updated the signs on Highway 92 in Half Moon Bay and El Granada.  Chris Carfi set up a new Coastsider Flickr group with a photo of the sign in HMB as his contribution.


Also know as the Montara Cul-de-Sac.

I suggest that we use the the “8 mile cul du sac”
in advertising the coast.  The “17 mile drive” does wonders for the Monterey Penninsula.

We nearly fell over laughing last night when we saw this last night. Just add “here be dragons” and we would have a map reference just like the edge of the Earth did on the old Mariner’s maps. For those of you prefer it in Latin, Hic sunt dracones… courtesy of Caltrans, the Mother of Dragons…

Once again we live on the world’s largest Cul-De-Sac…So Cal eat your heart out! I think we should have big fair or B-B-Q this summer (in the fog of course!)...“Cul-de-Sacing on the Coast” we’ll call it. “It only happens every ten years or so”...“More rare than a Blue Moon”...“Party on the edge of the known world”...

That sounds great! We could block off Highway 1 at the Outrigger and have the whole Montara bluff section of the Highway to ourselves, we could invite the whole coast!