SamTrans adding buses from Coastside to BART

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Posted by on Thu, June 1, 2006


Responding to our transportation crisis, SamTrans is adding two buses in the morning and two in the afternoon to connect Coastside commuters to BART.  The new service will begin Monday, June 5 and will run until the Slide opens.  "The service is costing about $100,000 out of our very lean operating budget," said Christine Dunn, SamTrans spokesperson.  "It’s based on the assumption the Slide will be open at the end of September."

CORRECTION:  An earlier version of this story referred to these buses as expresses. They in fact stop at all SamTrans stops on the Coastside.

Main & 7th
Main & Kelly
San Bruno BART
5:30am 5:57pm 6:31am
7:15am 8:07am 8:41am

San Bruno BART HMB
Main & Kelly
Main & 7th
5:00pm 5:50pm 6:14pm
6:30pm 7:20pm 7:44pm

Thank you, Barry, for prominently posting this important news.  May I request that you keep this story at the forefront of your postings for a few days in order to maximize the number of readers?


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Thu, June 1, 2006 12:05pm
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What about all the people between Montara and HMB? Are people from El Granada or Miramara, for example,  supposed to drive to one of those stops and catch the bus there? Why isn’t Princeton Landing (where there’s a park and ride lot now, right?) one of the stops?

Also, the last bus at 630pm out of San Bruno BART is a bit early for some workers.

Finally, an express bus to a Caltrans station (San Mateo, for example) would be nice.

Brian Dantes
El Granada

Why Main and Kelly?  If this is really is an express bus, why not use the corner of 92 and Main eastbound (the right turn lane is perfect) and in front of Albertsons on the return?

I wonder if SamTrans knows Main is closed at 92 in the morning?  Where will people park?


Let samtrans drive this for 1-2 weeks & then see what the schedule will be. In the am it maybe okay but the pm maybe slower then they have in the schdule now. It does not save us any time as we still have to get up at 4:30am, leave acacia & franklin at 5:05am for my wife to fishermans wharf which takes 60mins (40mins when prior to devil’s slide). If she leaves at 3:30pm it takes about 90mins to get home. I leave later but even at 5:45 am I can get to santa clara by 6:15-6:30am.

Of course coming back it is difficult to pick a good time, some days better than others. It use to be mondays & fridays where light days but that is not always true now. I will find out in about 40mins.

Steve Habelow
<email>[email protected]</email>

I agree with the above. It really needs to run first to find out how effective the schedule will be. They need people to try it, and they need people to give feedback.

I hope as many people try this as possible. I lived in San Jose during the 1989 earthquake. When the express bus between Santa Cruz and San Jose was added due to damage on 17, it was so popular it never left.

If we make use of this bus now, perhaps SamTrans will see some opportunity to make it an ongoing route even after the slide is open.

Currently, 294 is a tough bus route to use for over the hill commuting or San Francisco commuting.

Going over 92 at 9:40am traffic was light as usual a few trucks & one going slowly as we approached 35 but still traffic moved along estimate it took 20mins to get from 1/92 to 280.

Coming back at 2:20pm at 280/92 it took 23mins to get to main st. I was surprised at the amount of traffic at this time of day, plus a fair amount of traffic going east on 92.

Steve Habelow

This new Samtrans its not express service.  I took it today.  It stops at the trailer park and all the way up at Moonridge and everywhere in between.  It’s the same milk run as the regular 294 except it goes to Bart not to caltrain. 

SamTrans has no intention of promoting express service.  Especially when they and Bart are suing each other over Bart Feeder service issues from four years ago.  The Pacifica DX SF express has been a fight between the riders and samtrans for years.  Why would they want to promote express service for 1/2 moon bay when they want to kill the one in Pacifica?  It is going to be convenient for people that need (slowly) to get to Bart though.  I think the Samtrans people who are probably good people and hard workers but need to take the little yellow bus to the funny farm over this one though.

Are these buses getting enough riders? Haven’t heard much about this bus service lately.

Steve Habelow
<email>[email protected]</email>

I took the sam trans bus at 1:45p today from 7th/main in montara. Asked the bus driver how many people were riding the express bus, about 15-20.

I don’t know how many riders it would take to keep it going all year round even after devils slide is open.

steve Habelow
<email>[email protected]</email>

Kevin, the DX no longer exists. It was eliminated as part of the Samtrans cuts last year. I used to use it to commute to SF. Now I drive to Colma BART.