Photo: Devil’s Slide ribbon-cutting

Posted by on Thu, August 3, 2006

Cheri Parr
Left to right: Hal E. Stober from project contractor Gordon N. Ball Inc., Chairman Geoffrey Davis of the Midcoast Community Council, County Supervisor Rich Gordon, state Secretary of Business Transportation and Housing Sunne Wright McPeak, Congressman Tom Lantos, Assemblyman Leland Yee, Bijan Sartipi of Caltrans, Half Moon Bay Mayor Marina Fraser, Pacifica Mayor Sue Digre, Geraldine O'Connor from Assemblyman Gene Mullin's office.

At 11:00am Thursday, local, state, and national dignitaries assembled for a ribbon-cutting on the Devil’s Slide to the mark the opening of Highway 1 for the first time in four months Friday morning at 5am.

NOTE: We’ll post an album of photos of the event later.

I just got this vision of editor Barry Parr and HMB Review editor Clay Lambert running to their cars and racing off after the ribbon cutting, like a scene in an old-time movie.  Apparently the trip to downtown HMB takes 9 minutes longer than the trip to Barry’s house.  (Clay’s story was posted 9 minutes after Barry’s.)

I have a more serious question.  If the road was paved Tuesday, and the ribbon cutting was today, why isn’t the road open now?

I think a lot of people are thinking that. Just got a call from the wife in San Francisco getting ready for the long drive home - she wants me to take a drive out to see if the road is open right now at 4pm on Thursday. I can’t blame her for trying.

However, I’m sure they’ve got a lot of clean up to do to make sure everything is ready for tomorrow.

I rarely comment, but must share a funny moment.  Barry and I were leaving the site and wondered why we were moving so sloooowly.  Right in front of us was the answer.  A Cal Trans vehicle carrying a huge load of rebar that covered both sides of the road, was leading the pack, moving along at a whopping 2mph.  Nice timing indeed.

I can see Devil’s Slide from my office window. It’s been open since 2148PDT Thursday the 3rd.


Road opened at 9pm, and we just got back from shopping at the Linda Mar Safeways for a monthly bus pass. There was a handful of cars on the road coming thru, and NBC 11 shooting some footage. When we told the clerk at Safeways we were from Montara the were very surprised.