Coastsider’s Town Hall is open

Posted by on Tue, September 19, 2006


Town Hall is an new, open forum where Coastsiders can start their own discussion topics.  Posts on Town Hall posts will not be reviewed before they are released. This should result in a faster and more open exchange of ideas than you can get in any other forum on the Coastside.

The most recent topics started in Town Hall will be featured at the top of Coastsider’s home page, right next to our Top Stories. You can click on the last link in the list for even more of the most recent Town Hall topics, or you can click on the "Town Hall" link under the Coastsider banner to get to the main site.

I’ve wanted to set up an open forum for some time and it was one of my main motivations for upgrading Coastsider’s software this summer. Sometimes people are reluctant to post their notes and questions to Coastsider because they aren’t sure what’s news. Town Hall is designed to lower the barriers that keep our neighbors from posting.

Once you’re logged on to Coastsider, you’re also logged on to Town Hall. Anyone can read posts in Town Hall. But to write a post, you will have to use your real name on your Coastsider profile and request access.  To request posting access, email Barry Parr, using the link in the left-hand navigation bar.

Town Hall postings will be reviewed after they go live. We expect all Town Hall users to follow Coastsider’s Terms of Use. Spirited discussion is expected, but so is civility. Posts that don’t meet that simple criterion will be deleted.

We’ve been working on Town Hall since the beginning of summer, and have been beta testing it for weeks. We’re very excited to open it to the public. If you have any unexpected problems, post a message here, or just email Barry Parr using the link on the left.

Comment 1
Thu, September 21, 2006 4:11pm
Jack McCarthy
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Thanks for Town Hall!

This comes at the right time because we really need an open forum to freely exchange and debate the issues that will result in changes on the Coast that will last for decades. We need to discuss the kind of life we want to live here in this special place.

Jack McCarthy

Comment 2
Sun, October 8, 2006 9:41am
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I want to thank The Social Concerns Prayer Group, a newly formed group at the Methodist Church, for blitzing the community with showings of An Inconvenient Truth.  My 11 year old daughter and I went to the last showing, last night, and were much more inspired, and much less depressed, than I had expected to be.

I’ve written a blog entry about our experience. 

—Emily Berk