Found: Two border collies on Poplar Beach, Weds Oct 3

Posted by on Wed, October 3, 2007

I found two wondering friendly border collies this morning (Tuesday October 3rd) as I headed home on Poplar. Anyone out there missing two dogs. Please call Melanie at 650.712.8344.

Check with the Main St. Vet.  They probably know who they belong to and they might be microchipped.

Katharine Weber

We already did.  They weren’t microchipped and they didn’t recognize them.

Well, then the only thing I can suggest is to take them to the Humane Society.  If I lost my dog, that’s the first place I would go to look.  You can ask them to tell you before they euthanize them, in which case you could take them back and contact the Border Collie Rescue Group as a last resort.  Or…put a notice in the HMB Review as well as here.

You sound like a good dog person….I hope the Border Collies are treating you well.

Further update - the male chewed through his leash
and hopped our fence. He should be wearing half a leash.  We are quite upset about it.  We took the female to the Humane Society.

We have a cat that did not approve of canines in the backyard.

Brain cells connect!!  I’ll bet they are the two Border Collies owned by the Palladino family who live on Spruce St.  They get loose all the time (and have chased me more than once!!).  Real escape artists.  This is the family that owns the well known painting company.  Call them and see if something isn’t missing from their back yard.

I just called Palladino Painting and they are not missing their dogs.  Thanks for your help.