Letter: Birds caught in oil spill have been found on Coastside, volunteers needed

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By on Mon, November 12, 2007

Three oiled surf scoters were found on Francis Beach in Half Moon Bay Sunday afternoon. One was already dead, one died shortly after being picked up and one seemed well enough that it might survive. The latter was unable to fly and was slowly losing its body heat.

This could be a really big deal if the oil starts washing up on the beach. That is due to happen soon,  but no one knows how bad the oil will become. The oiled birds, we now know, are likely to be a serious problem.

There are Peninsula Humane Society and Marine Mammal Center persons working along this coast and are coordinating with State Parks volunteers.

Volunteers will be accepted today at the Half Moon Bay State Beach—Francis Beach—and the need for volunteers the rest of the week depends upon how things progress.  Volunteers will need to check in at Francis Beach, but may be asked to go to another location in this area. Volunteers should call the State Park Kiosk at


(650)726-8820 to be sure there is a person available to show what needs to be done.