Devil’s Slide is closed


Posted by on Fri, January 25, 2008

Devil’s Slide is closed. When it was closed and for how long is still unclear.

At 3pm today, Devil’s Slide was closed in both directions, according to John Cunliffe at Caltrans. Cunliffe says crews were on the Slide to remove boulders that had fallen onto the road south of the Slide. Other crews are on the Slide dealing with storm water and checking the main monitoring system.

It’s a good idea to stay off the Slide if you can avoid it, or to check the status of the road with before heading over the Slide.

UPDATE: Lt. Ken Jones at the Sheriff’s substation in Moss Beach told us 5:30pm that Caltrans is on the Slide with heavy equipment, clearing the road right now. They estimate it will take a minimum 3 hours to clear. Be sure to check before you leave.

I’m glad they cleaned it up, I got hit by some of those rocks when they came flying over the top of the ridge onto my car (blue Volvo wagon). Broke one of my headlights, dented the car in several places, and screwed up the driver’s side rear view mirror.

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Fri, January 25, 2008 4:49pm
Barry Parr
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I can’t believe how scary that must have been. It’s definitely a good idea to stay off the Slide for the time being.

It has been difficult to get accurate reports of the current status of the road.  It’s probably best to assume its closed if you’re coming to the Coastside.

Actually, Barry, I was more miffed that one of the rocks broke my headlight than actually realizing the danger of the situation.

I just heard (at a Cub Scout Meeting) that Devil’s Slide will be closed indefinitely. I would love it if someone could tell me this is NOT true.


NOT true, GraceAnn.

What you heard was a bit of misinformation put out by HMB Review editor Clay Lambert in an apparent rush to sensationalize the storm (see link below).

Lambert has since retracted that little detail about the slide being “closed indefinitely.”

Thanks for the correction. I was already dreading the three hour one way Monday commute.


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Fri, January 25, 2008 10:17pm
Chuck Kozak
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This received from SMCo alerts at 9:19, yet Channel 2 news says slide is still closed and may not be open until Saturday ... does not list it as being closed ... anyone know for sure?


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Hwy 1 is now open

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The slide was opened at 9:00pm. Got the info from the CHP that were up there.

Dennis Loubal

KNTV 11 pm news reported that the slide was “opened 2 hours ago” which would have been 9 pm.

BTW, their reporter made reference to a posting which is clearly Linda C.‘s [first] comment here on this story. is a reference for TV news reporters!

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Sat, January 26, 2008 5:25pm
Carl May
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There was another little slide on Hwy 1 on the east side of the road cut just south of 10th St. that almost hit a few vehicles. Sure hope we don’t lose the old road above that cut, which is now a trail used by the community, just because Caltrans won’t stabilize the sides of the cut.

The outage that closed the road yesterday wasn’t anywhere near the demonized Devil’s Slide. It was about 150 meters north of the entrance to McNee Ranch. Want to know why we have little slides there more regularly than one would expect? The decomposed granite of the exposed cut is going to crumble and erode anyway over time, but it fails more in this spot because drainage above (from and along a bit of the old Colma Road, which is now the Grey Whale Cove Trail in the park) is directed toward the top of the cut at this point. Redirect that drainage away from the cut hillside on this stretch and there will be fewer occasions of road blockage there.

Of course, those who want to create a case for four lanes from the south portal of the tunnels through the midcoast (an effort that has already begun by way of occasional comments) would prefer to do nothing, as the avoidable road problems can be spun to hype their cause to an ignorant public.

Carl May


Thanks for the link demonstrating that the Review is still useless for factual information! I’ll have to trust you that Editor Clay Lambert eventually corrected his errors. I started to look for the correction you referenced, but the thread immediately descended into their little swamp. Doesn’t seem to be any situation beyond which the cynical PCF-CCF folks won’t pitifully try to create a political situation to advance their sad agenda.

Ken Johnson