Field Notes: Coastside Farmer’s Market opens Saturday

By on Fri, May 2, 2008

Erin Tormey is the director of the Coastside Farmer’s Market

Well, Marketeers,

They arrived this morning!  BOTH Markets are now fully certified and set to open beginning on Saturday, May 3rd in Half Moon Bay, followed by a rousing good time for Opening Day in Pacifica on Wednesday,  May 7th.

To celebrate, I opened that last bottle, you know, the one I have been storing, lovingly, since late last fall.  Right in the middle of the day, all by myself, as soon as the ink dried on my certificates.  I have been waiting for a good reason to celebrate, an occasion to savor the redolent fragrance, the gorgeous full bodied-ness of it. Ah, yes, that sublime, complex, late harvest olive oil from Big Paw was the exact right vintage in which to plancha a few perfect asparagus, and toss in a peel of the last of the meyer lemon, crushing of sea salt, a crack of pink peppercorn.  Quite a nice lunch when paired with a plate of white beans in a citrus vinagrette with garlic greens.  My, My.

Jeez.  What was I talking about?

Oh, yeah. Opening Day is coming up - and I am tickled.  It will be quite a surprise and thrill to one and all to see who appears on day one this season, what with this wacky weather and attendant silliness.

We know we’ll start the season with wonderful selection of herbs and spring greens from the fields of Farmer John and Eda, The Giusti’s and their fabulous artichokes, gorgeous bio-dynamic produce from Tunitas Creek Ranch & Ladybug Farms.  Green Oaks Creek joins us once again in Pacifica, and Swanton Berry Farms will delight us with beautiful berries from just south of the border( the Santa Cruz one).

Back in Half Moon Bay, we welcome Harley Farms into the fold - actually if you fold some roasted red onions into her chevre while they are still warm, spread that on a slice of baguette, run it under the broiler for just a minute or so,  and enjoy it with some of those aforementioned greens, well, you can’t get more welcoming that that.

However, you can try, and join me in welcoming - to both locations - Aaron French from Sunnyside Organics, Maria Reyes de Luz of La Milpa Organic Farm, Boa Vue and his family who grow a whole shock of asian vegetables.  Rosalva Segurra of Coastside Flower Farms joins the Half Moon Bay Location, while Randy Dardenell of Cypress Flower Farms in Moss Beach returns in a blaze of delight it Pacifica.  Country Essences promises to return to both locations to balance out the blossoms and berries, Santiago and Esther are back with fruit, bee-oo-tee-fool fruit for everyone, the Cipponerri’s are coming back to Half Moon Bay, the Schletewitz’s to Pacifica. Del Real will have dates all around, which, in this day and age, is a good, good thing.

The Bussalacci’s are back in both locations with cherries from the get-go, but we have to wait a few weeks for the blueberries.  But fear not!  As soon as the crop is in ( and it’s a bit late, cause, baby, it’s cold outside) Kim Sorenson will be joining us with early varieties, and keep a place open for West and the crew from Rainbow when the mountain varieties are ready.  Oh, the possibilities!

We welcome Ohlone Seafoods to Half Moon Bay, Dalex and Coastside Specialties to Pacifica, and welcome back to Sukhi to both locations.  Octoberfeast is back on the roster for Pacifica - and to the upcoming joy of the south -of-the-sliders, they join Half Moon Bay ‘s market this season too!  Roli-Roti rolls back into Pacifica, along with Fabrique Delices, Big Paw to both spots on alternate weeks, Brioche Bakery joins Pacifica, and Natasha’s Sweet Temptations will be alternating weeks in Half Moon Bay.

At some point, Orlando form Ladybug will join the ranks, Adrianna from Tomaterra, Catherine from C Henry Gardens, Camp Glenwood, and there are a number seasonal producers that may join us at some stage of the season. 

Speaking of stages, The Day Late Fools will grace the opening day stage in Half Moon Bay, and the fab-o Dave Crimmen starts of the season for Pacifica on the 7th.

As the week proceeds, I am confident that a few stragglers will finally come through with their commitments, a few warm days will occur ,  and we will have a brilliant and abundant Opening Day in both locations.  I am also certain I have forgotten to mention a few folks, but am begging forgiveness, and promise to make it up to you with updates and marginally useful information as the season gets underway.

And here is one more thing I know for certain.  I’ll be there Saturday, and every day of the season, well supported by a cadre of concerned citizens and businesses that all chipped in to support the off-season shenanigans that are required to get and keep an independent , Certified Farmer’s Market vibrant, lively and yes, sustainable - meaning economically viable, environmentally sound and socially just.

This food growing/making business is one of the toughest out there.  It is highly regulated, expensive, risky to the health and wealth of foodmakers everywhere.  So the next few lines may seem like shameless commercialism - but I gotta tell ya, if it weren’t for the support of folks like those I am about to thank, make no mistake - we would not have a Certifed Farmer’s Market in this town.  I hope that as Marketeers, if you ever need the services that these fine folks supply, you’ll consider working with them - and if you do, thank them again for me, willya?

Big Thanks to Damasco and Associates, who do so much more than count beans, and to Reece Computer Systems who just plain know what they are doing, and are excellent neighbors in Shoreline Station.  Absolute Flooring is sponsoring our local musicians this season, and New Leaf has stepped up to sponsor the non-profit booth this season, so that every community based nonprofit organization on the Coastside can attend the Market free of charge.  I’d say that’s well worth a shameless plug or tow, wouldn’t you?

Now, what did I do with that olive oil - ooooh,  and the last of the dried cherries? Dang, its dinner time, and I think a lovely saute of leeks, asparagus, chiogga beets with few of those dried cherries tossed in right at the end and a splash of fig balsamic would make a lovely supper, don’t you?

Can’t WAIT!

Erin Tormey

Coastside Farmers Markets
In Half Moon Bay @ Shoreline Station
Saturdays, 9 am to 1 pm
Opening day: May 3, 2008

In Pacifica @ Rockaway Beach
Wednesdays, 2:30 -6:30pm
Opening Day: May 7, 2008