Letter: New veterinarian in town


Posted by on Tue, July 22, 2008

I noticed that we have a new vet in town.  Janet Dawson, DVM, MPVM is located on 614 Purissima St.  Her web site, which is nicely done, is at www.CoastsideVet.com.  It’s nice that to have another vet in town, although I love having Dr. McKinney of HMB Vet care for my dog.  Dr. Dawson bought a house on Purissima and renovated it for a practice.  It was very nice inside.  Stop in when you are walking around town.

Katharine Weber

We have had more than one vet for over 25 years.  Dr. Susan MacInnes has had her Animal Mobile Veterinary Clinic at 1600 S. Cabrillo Hwy Half Moon Bay for many years now.  She has taken excellent care of our dogs, cats, rabbits and horses.  Her contact information is:  Phone: (650) 726-3445 Fax: (650) 726-3219.  We are indeed fortunate to have several choices of great doctors for our pets.
Thank you, Emma Lane

Thanks for the correction. I’ve modified the letter slightly to reflect the fact that we have more than on vet in Half Moon Bay.

Not to turn this into a Yelp-like thread, but Pacifica Pet Hospital and Dr Gary Hurlbut… my family has had 15+ years of 5-star care and pragmatism (hard to find, vs. yanking you for every penny).