Coastsider now features real estate listings from Trulia

Posted by on Mon, January 19, 2009


We’re adding real estate listings to Coastsider, in partnership with

In addition to a feed of recent listings, recent sales, and upcoming open houses on the right column of every page, we’ve added an entirely new section that will give you full access to Trulia’s listings.

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Congratulations on this new addition to your site.  I’m a big fan of Trulia’s search site and capabilities.

In the interest of accuracy, the listings you display on these pages are not “Trulia’s listings” as you mention in your piece.  The are the listings of the various Brokers and Agents who share their listings with Trulia for use on their search site.  It is in everyone’s interst that real estate listings get wide exposure online and both Coastsider and Trulia are helping to do that.

Thank you,

Steve Skinner