Año Nuevo sea lions now on webcam

Posted by on Wed, January 28, 2009

Click to see the webcam, which is livelier and less blurry than this screen capture.

A new $20,000 webcam gives viewers worldwide access to the beach at Año Nuevo State Natural Reserve, reports the County Times.

Every corner of the remote 9-acre island, long the province of just the few researchers lucky enough to make the trip, has become part of the public domain — along with every burp, bark, snort and primordial grunt uttered by its corpulent inhabitants.

The state is engineering a "soft launch" of the high-definition webcam, a gift from a donor that has taken more than two years to set up with its solar panels and remote-controlled motion technology. ...

Viewers will find plenty of drama over the next two months as hundreds of female sea lions continue to lay their pups, mate one last time and leave their young elephant seals behind on the island to learn to swim, said Gary Strachan, supervising ranger at Año Nuevo State Reserve.

Click to view the webcam.

While there certainly are sea lions at Año Nuevo, the star attraction, and the animals seen in this screen shot are Northern Elephant Seals.  There’s a “big” difference.  Male California sea lions reach about 600 lbs, while male elephant seals get up to about 5000 lbs. 

I bet viewers would see some drama if they saw “female sea lions continue to lay their pups, mate one last time, and leave their young elephant seals behind”.  Quite the feat!

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Fri, January 30, 2009 1:43pm
Barry Parr
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Ouch. Thanks. I should have read that story a little more closely.  That says a lot about the quality of copy editing in Twenty First Century newspapers.

I thought the web cam was to be high definition and it is actually very poor quality definition.  What’s the story?

Nile Runge

it’s small, but looks pretty good to me…
Terry Baldwin
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