AB650 passes local government committee

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Posted by on Wed, May 6, 2009

Assembly member Jerry Hill’s office says that AB650 has passed out of the Local Government committee.

NOTE: Right now, we’re not planning on sending alerts at this level of detail, but will post updates to the site. If the bill changes, passes either chamber, or meets any roadblocks, we will alert subscribers by email.

Apparently, the bill passed in the committee by a vote of 4-2, or by a margin of 66.7%.

That’s cutting things kind of close because a 66.7% margin is also needed in the full Assembly before this urgency bill can move to the Senate, where a 66.7% margin is also needed before the bill can become law.

If the bill does go down in flames, then Half Moon Bay still has a pretty good hand to play. That would be an immediate bankruptcy filing so that Keenan has to stand in line like everybody else to get his money.

Of course the bankruptcy scenario assumes that the Old Guard City Council knows what they are doing, which is clearly not the case, given their massive bungling of the entire Beachwood non-appeal/give-away-settlement process thus far.

If it Doesn’t Fit, Hill and Yee must Acquit

I wonder if anyone would want a bailout bond and will it be a municipal, tax free bond?

Hopefully, if HMB gets the money, someone will sue the appropriate funding source for misappropriation if the source does not live up to the purpose and spirit of the funding source.  The I-Bank is an inappropriate source and as was Proposition 84.

I am sure legislator’s, Hill and Yee, will pull a lot of bait and switch schemes to get HMB money by hook or crook.  They have demonstrated their “slick sticks” by trying to manipulate the two inappropriate sources already!  This is not a “freshman” mistake, but a misuse of the system!

Sadly, Hill as a “newby,” is getting off to a bad start or he has a history of bordering on corrupting the purpose of governing and funding.  You’d think with a fresh start Hill would raise the ethical standards in the art of politics.  However, it is business as usual—he tried to get money out of Genentech when the county screwed up on $% million property taxes loss and allowed it to be blamed on a clerical oversight. Before that, Hill and the BOS lost the ethical advantage and let Sheriff Munks skip out on Baker to Vegas prostitution fiasco with a minimum of explanation and subverting the press from their looking out for the public oversight role. 

Now in Sacramento, he has more politicians he will owe while “screwing” the taxpayer as have been many of the “old guard” politicians in San Mateo County.

If the law or the proposition and its developed rules, regulations, procedures, and policies doesn’t fit, Hill and Yee must acquit that pursuit - it is incompetence and a waste of taxpayer’s time to try to make the law or proposition fit.