El Granada Traffic & Trails concept plan to be presented, Tuesday

Posted by on Mon, June 29, 2009

Chart by Barry Parr
On Friday, attendees brainstormed and then voted for their favorite ideas.

After an initial brainstorming session and a five-hour Saturday workshop that included a short hike to Mirada Surf, the Traffic & Trails charrette will conclude with the presentation of some concepts developed as a result of those meetings.

I had an opportunity to spend some time talking with Dan Burden, the consultant who is managing the process and saw some of the ideas they’re working on.

It includes a vision of Highway 1 unlike anything you’ve seen, perhaps in the entire state.

Come to the presentation of the concept plan, Tuesday, June 30 in the El Granada Elementary School multiuse room at 7pm.

Hi Barry,

Thanks for posting this information.  Some of the ideas are very interesting and seem like the result of people thinking outside the box.

I will not be able to make it home tonight in time for the presentation so I hope you or someone will be able to give us an update later in the week.

Great work!

Well its good to see that people put a high priority on “protecting public view corridors,” But unfortunately, much of the public view corridor in this area has already been eradicated,mostly by the huge three-story boxes on the west side of Miramar (aapoved by the County under Supervisor Rich Gordon’s watch), but also by the overgrown “landscaping” planted by the RV park owner just south of the Beach House Inn,

Very similar order of preferences as in past parks and rec surveys on the midcoast.

The fact that “protect view corridors” came in a very close second should mean that Dave permanently abandons his idea of putting a restroom building on the stub of Mirada Road, right smack in the middle of the view corridor at that side of El Granada.  It should also mean that the grandiose plan presented at the end of the Tuesday night session with a pair of buildings at the foot of Avenue Portola is DOA.

As to the “landscaping” on the El Granada Waterfront, because that strip is immorally within the city limits of Half Moon Bay, HMB should take action to enforce their Landscape Ordinance, their LCP, and the Coastal Act and require that all of the trees in front of the RV lot be removed and the trees around the Beach House Inn be cut way back to open up the view which was required to be preserved as one of the conditions of the original Coastal Development Permit.

Note that the RV lot is owned by the Harbor District and leased for a pittance to KN Properties.  If the Harbor Commissioners cared about anything other than paving everything in site, they’d do something about the insult to El Granada that their leaseholder is harassing us with.  The problem comes from the fact that KN properties and the Harbor District are illegally allowing permanent residents in the RV lot.  Since those illegal residents consider the RV lot their home, they want their privacy and that ‘s why there’s a wall of trees there.  It’s probably also why the existing restroom, built with tax money remains closed even though the lease agreement requires it to be open.  Why do we have to spend money to build a new restroom for Surfer’s Beach when there’s already one right there which the public paid for?