Patridge to Run for Re-election: Going for Quarter Century on City Council (groan)


Posted by on Thu, August 6, 2009

Council incumbent Patridge files to run again, HMB Review Article,  August 5, 2009.

Nobody personifies the entrenched, back-room dealing Old Guard politician better than Naomi Patridge—a direct political decendent of "Godmother" Dolores Mullin.

Generations of loyal softball fans (who vote for her automatically) ensure that Patridge will always be re-elected, decade after decade. Guaranteed. After all, she has shown that she can pull in millions of dollars in anonymous contributions to fund her many pet development projects.

First elected in 1985 (yes 1985, that’s not a typo) she’s apparently now going for the all-time record for years on the HMB City Council.

Unfazed by (1) the Beachwod fiasco (which she helped precipitate starting in the early 1990s), (2) the City’s current budget mess, and (3) her disgraceful vote to hand out fat raises to City big wigs while others were laid off, Patridge is now asking voters for "four more years."

I guess the previous 20+ years was not enough time for Patridge to accomplish her goals. What exactly did she accomplish anyway? I can’t think of one thing besides the anonymously-funded development projects, which have nothing to do with her duties as a City Council member.

At some point, you would think that basic humility would come into play and Patridge would see fit to step aside and let others have a chance to fix the many problems that she that helped create. But no. As I have said many times before, Patridge is the prime example for why we need term limits at the local level.

It personally saddens me that Naomi is running again. I had hopped that she would ‘retire’ gracefully (once again) from City political office with an undefeated personal election record.

Naomi has been a personal family friend. Yes, sports, ag., and a number of other things that we agree on. I also found it possible to disagree at the City Council meetings on the things that we did not agree on.

The legacy of those things that we disagreed on has been those things that continue to explode like IEDs spread over Half Moon Bay. Beachwood is just one of them that cannot be refuted!

The minutes of the meetings where she, as a Council Member, approved the Discretionary VTMs, Vesting Tentative Maps, for Beachwood and a hand full of others in a rush to avoid them being subject to Measure A are available. For those not aware, it was Naomi’s vote that provided the legal liability for that Beachwood $41,000,000+ judgment against Half Moon Bay! It could and should have been avoided!

I was there. I argued during the City Council meetings against the decisions to approve all those Discretionary VTMs, Vesting Tentative Maps. They were rushed through so they would not be subject to Measure A growth limits without regard for the horrendous details in the VTMs.

I sued the City when she decided to intentionally delay the vote on Measure A so the deed could be done on all those still ticking time bombs out there.

All those things sited in the litigation against the City were on Naomi’s watch on the City Council and her votes! Her votes are part of the public record.

Anyone who decides to run against Naomi can distribute reprints of the article from the May, 2008, issue of
<b>California Lawyer Magazine:
“Treading Water It’s not everyday that a lawsuit threatens the very existence of a city government.”<b>

Lay out each of those critical decisions and actions and note that Naomi was on the wrong side of each and every vote! On the wrong side that is if you are a Half Moon Bay resident!

Sadly, Naomi is responsible! You can lay out each and every decision that will cost future generations all the City services that they deserve and should expect! The children that could have expected and deserved the opportunity of sports leagues! Ball fields owned by the City - NO! Boys and Girls Club - NO! Take a look at the City recreation programs for the Kids - ALL GONE!

Can the children of Half Moon Bay afford the legacy of another four years of wrong decisions?

<b>Kevin, I will be pleased, proud and honoured to add my signature to your nomination petition!<>

Every parent today will be a grandparent before the legacy of Naomi’s bad decisions will be paid for!

Ken Johnson

P.S. We need two other candidates to put the kids and residents first in addition to Kevin for the City Council and any sane person for CCWD.  If you don’t run; you can’t win!

Are you saying you prefer the headlines from Ruddock’s prior service?

by Eric Rice, HMB Review, 12/4/96.

Or is that what you prefer?

As far as putting kids first, that has Patridge’s name all over it.

Actually, Ken Johnson’s suggestions about some new blood instead of Freer and Ruddock sounds like a good idea.

Thanks Joel,

We agree on Naomi’s personal work with the kids, but she is not running for the position of Coach, she is running for a seat on the City Council. 

I ‘voted’ for Naomi as Coach with the most important things in my life - my descendants. And my kids dearly loved her. And I would vote for Naomi as Coach again; just not as a City Council member.

Naomi’s decisions on the City Council, thou, have been a disaster for the programs we both believe are important!

I look at my vote and support the same as I look at hiring or staffing requirements in my professional life - go with the best person for each position!

Ken Johnson

Good point, Ken. But I think Naomi Patridge’s devotion to children is what guides her decision-making as she looks to protect the vital interests of future generations. I much prefer that view over those who espouse the “preserving the rural charm” argument as a cover to block improvements in essential infrastructure (schools, water, roads, parks, etc) so they can continue to live like hermits. That’s a disservice to all Coastsiders, and unrealistic.

With your rigorous vetting process—which I admire if true—after your interviews with each of the candidates I’d be interested in your take on their likely contributions. Elsewhere we can have a philosophical discussion on what makes somone “best” in your book, since George W. Bush labeled Alberto Gonzalez, Gale Norton, Michael Brown, and Donald Rumsfeld “best”, too.