Tech Tuesday - First Tuesday of Every Month at It’s Italia Begins 9/1


Posted by on Thu, August 13, 2009

The Coastside has a large and vibrant geek community, many of whom work over the hill or out of their homes. And they don’t know each other.

In a constantly shifting and uncertain economy, we need to know our geek neighbors and see what opportunities there are in our own community. And besides, it’s fun to have a beer and think innovation.

So the first Tuesday of every month, It’s Italia (300 Main Street) will help us host Tech Tuesday from 6-8 PM in downtown HMB.

It’s free, so please join us. The only goal is networking and fun. The first one will be Sept. 1, 2009. Add it to your calendar for every month!

Sounds fun - looking forward to meeting other techies on the Coast.

Great idea. I’m planning to attend this as well.

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Thu, August 13, 2009 7:59am
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I’ll try to make it as well. But as one of the coastside geeks who works over the hill, I’ll find 6pm on a Tuesday a bit of a stretch.

We will stay there till you get there:-) I had to do 6 PM for the people who work out of their homes and are desperate to get out by 5:30 after being home all day. But if we stay until 8 or 9, that should give everyone a chance to get there, meet people, and still get home at a reasonable hour:-)

That being said, I welcome all suggestions because this ia a volunteer effort and can be easily crowdsourced and improved.

Sounds like fun! I don’t get out much, chained to my keyboard as I am.  I’ll ask Igor to unshackle me so I can attend. ;)


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I can talk to Igor for you:-)

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Tue, September 1, 2009 2:25am
Ken Johnson
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Terrific and thanks for organizing this. It has been needed for a long time and is particularly needed now!

Ken Johnson

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Tue, September 1, 2009 12:55pm
Cheri Parr
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As the author of a college paper titled “Why Geeks Make the Best Husbands”, I’ll be attending representing the Coastside Geeks Fan Club.

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Tue, September 1, 2009 3:18pm
Ken Johnson
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Hi Cheri,

I’ve got an ex who apparently wrote the paper taking the opposite opinion.


I’ll be at Adobe MAX Oct 6, so I’ll miss you guys this month :(