Montara fire contained to half acre


Posted by on Tue, August 18, 2009

Barry Parr
Barry Parr
Cheri Parr

A wildfire at the back of Montara has been contained to about half an acre, as of shortly after 4pm, according to Acting Batallion Chief Ken Lord of the Coastside Fire Protection District.

A spotter plane, two tankers, and a helicopter responded, and dropped retardant on the fire.

The call went at about 3pm on Tuesday afternoon. The initial call to 911, and the fire dispatch, said that the fire was off Sunshine Valley Rd, leading to a situation where some fire vehicles were looking for the location in Montara’s back roads for several minutes early on.

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Location of CFPD base for Montara fire.

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Cheri Parr


Cheri Parr


Cheri Parr



We’ve set up a gallery of all of our photos, as well as photos sent in by Coastsider readers:

According to firefighters the fire was accidentally started while trying to smoke out a hornet’s nest. The fire in the area is now completely out.

Clayton Hagy

Cal-Fire is our organization and they did one hell of a job.

I was there & took pictures.  It was good to watch professionals at work. Since the Coastside Fire Protection District contracts with Cal-Fire, valuable time was saved in ordering in the necessary resources to keep the fire small.

Immediately, two fire bombers and a helicopter were ordered in. Several Cal-Fire Brush Fire Engines were there from the beginning and were able to drive right up to the fire with their crews.

As I was leaving, two large hand crews arrived to complete the process by digging a fire line around the whole burn area.