Tech Tuesday is November 3


Posted by on Mon, October 26, 2009

By popular demand, Tech Tuesday will occur on November 3 at 6:30PM at It’s Italia.  We’re now in the process of circulating flyers (thank you, Sunshine) and getting the word out, and I bet we will have many new people as well as our usual crowd.

Hope to see you there on Tuesday night, November 3.



What a relief, when I read this about an hour after it was posted - I was concerned that I would have to continue it myself without knowing whether I would be available for the meetings beyond this and the next meeting. Who would want to start something without the knowledge of whether they could continue it beyond two meetings?

I showed up a bit early at the first meeting and talked to people at the bar and some of those milling around looking for the meeting. With Francine apparently delayed, my marketing and sales background kicked in and with the tremendous staff at “It’s Italia” we were off and running in no time.

From now on, anyone can do it!  With the tremendous staff at “It’s Italia”, Woody Allen’s quote is right: “90% of success is just showing up”!

I spoke to a number of friends who are also seriously into IT and they felt, as I do, that ‘Tech Tuesday” could fill a great need for the Coastside Community. They also had a number of suggestions that they shared with me. A couple had emailed Francine, yet it is not reflected in her current post. I and others have a concern with a post
]”]  Next Tech Tuesday [/url]
requesting an email response rather than the benefits of an online dialogue. Maybe this would be a ‘theme’ for this meeting.

While ‘moving’ from a MS Windows server environment to a LAMP server environment and terminating its MS Access and MS SQL Server DataBases, I created a sub-domain for Tech Tuesday - OMG, a “Tech” meeting group without any web presence, get real - in prep if I were to take it over temporarily:
I’ll ‘pretty’ it up later.

A few of the suggestions I heard:

- Theme - Tech in Elections, etc.
- Name Tags - use an old one or print your own
- Do Introductions
- Practice your 30 second ‘Elevator Pitch’
- Publicize ‘Tech Tuesday’
- Sign in Sheet
I was going to put up the Attendance Sheets on the web site, but thought I should get feedback whether everyone would feel comfortable with this, please see how they would appear - significantly less likely the ‘harvesting’ programs are to capture your email address:

Those of us who are in Tech, need to bring Tech to ‘Tech Tuesday’.

Francine or Sunshine,
Next time, please send me a URL to your “flyers” or email to above an electronic form and I’ll put it up at:
where possible, let us save a tree and let those who want a printed one print it.

Following the Tech Tuesday, for the majority, walk across the street to:
San Benito House
(Victory) party (Polls close at 8 P. M.) (Vote Early and Often!)
Located at 56 Main St
Half Moon Bay, CA 94019

Hope to see you tonight,

Ken Johnson