CUSD to finalize cuts Weds, protests planned

Posted by on Mon, March 8, 2010

NOTE: The CUSD board normally meets on Thursdays. This is the regular meeting that was originally scheduled for Thursday, March 11.

The Cabrillo Unified School District board of directors will meet Wednesday to finalize its layoff plans, among other agenda items, at its monthly meeting Wednesday, March 10 at 7pm in the Cunha Intermediate School library.

The agenda includes the following resolutions [pdf]:

  • Second Interim Financial Report and Budget Revision for Fiscal Year 2009-2010.
  • Enter into a CSBA Sponsored Tax and Revenue Anticipation Note Agreement for 2010-2011.
  • Reduction and/or Discontinuation of Classified Positions.
  • Decrease the Number of Certificated Employees.
  • Criteria for Determining Order of Seniority for Employees with Same Date of First Paid Service.

A protest is planned for the meeting. Parents and interested commmunity members are asked to bring signs and wear pink to protest the cuts.

Signs and pink are also requested for a pink slip protest at HMB High School from 6:45 to 7:45am, at the base of the hill.

It’s not clear to me whether the protesters are demanding different budget cuts, trying to raise the public’s consciousness about the cuts, or feel that the board is partially responsible for the current situation. Or possibly some combination of all three.

I think part of it is that there is a feeling that this community doesn’t really realize how serious the impact of all of these cuts will be.  I suspect the parcel tax will fail, everything outside the classroom will disappear (electives, athletics, libraries, counselors, custodians, second language support, etc.) and when people realize how grim it looks, perhaps then a parcel tax will pass.  Meanwhile, I am fully expecting to get a “pink slip”, along with the other four Counselors in the district.  And yes, we do feel the board’s priorities are not in the order we would prefer.

Well, we all got notified that we are going to be officially laid off and the letter comes Friday.  That’s all five Counselors in the district, including Ilene Bragman, who has served Cabrillo Unified since 1974.