African Hybrid Cat (Savannah) Roaming in Montara


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In the past month my housecat has been severely sliced up twice.  I wondered if a bobcat and he now had overlapping territories.  Then yesterday afternoon I found this hybrid cat, (I believe it is a Savannah cat which is a hybrid between a Serval and a housecat) just outside my front door. 

The cat has a blue collar with a bell attached.  No normal cat could stand a chance against him.  Triple check your chicken enclosures and do not leave windows open.  I read in Coastsider someone in Montara is setting out an animal trap.  This might very well be to catch this animal.  He was seen on Date Street (cross is Edison) at 7:40 pm August 22, 2010.

I had previously heard of these cats because one has come inside neighbors homes and killed quite a few caged pets in El Granada.  Apparently they are a legal pet.  Margot Lowry

Savannahs are not recommended as indoor/outdoor pets at all! They have way too much energy and like to chase things too much to do well that way. I’d love to see more pictures of that cat as the very dramatic “night eyes” on the back of the ears suggest it might be the exotic cat, the Serval, but if not then a first generation hybrid.
Not sure what “caged pets” were killed, but wanted to assure folk that Savannahs are not going to kill your cat and actually in my house the British Shorthair dominates the Savannahs quite efficiently.
If any more information is available, I can be contacted via as I am one of the directors of the rescue for this cat breed. Thanks!

If anyone happens to catch this cat, please do not be afraid.  Savannah cats DO NOT attack people or other cats or animals like wild cats.  They are a recognized cat breed and are shown in cat shows.  My own Savannah cat is a certified Therapy Cat and we go to nursing homes on a regular basis to visit residents.  If the cat is caught and it is not your cat, please contact Savannah Cat Rescue our website is  There is no reason to fear this exotic looking, but domesticated cat breed.

One of our neighborhood cats here at 9th and Farallone is “Bubba” who looks like this and does sport a blue collar with bell. He is quite friendly and approachable, and has also gotten into at least one fight; he is a scrapper. But he seems to be just a regular cat…?

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Sat, September 4, 2010 9:20pm
Barry Parr
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I received letter and some photos of what may be the same cat. I’ve posted them in a separate letter on Coastsider: