MCC hosts Supervisor, Harbor District candidates, Weds

Posted by on Tue, October 12, 2010

Wednesday night, MCC in partnership with the League of Women Voters will be hosting Candidate Forums for two elections with significant impact for the Coastside. The events will start at 7:30pm at the regular MCC location, the Fireside Room at Seton Coastside Medical Center in Moss Beach.  The Forum will be broadcast live on MCTV – Cable Channel 27.

Supervisor, San Mateo County - District 3 (Elect 1)
October 13, 7:30pm with replay on 21 October at 7pm
- Don Horsley
- April Vargas

Commissioner, San Mateo County Harbor District (Elect 2)
October 13, 7:30pm with replay on 21 October at 7pm
(after Supervisor Candidates Forum)
- Robert Bernardo
- Sabrina Brennan
- William T. Klear
- James J. Tucker

For further information and links to information on individual candidates, visit the MCC Home Page.

As I drove over to Seton Coastside Medical Center, I was puzzled “Why hold a candidates forum here?”

As I listened to the candidates, I started out simply trying to identify the best qualified person.

On the Supervisor candidates I wound up listening for which candidate supports election of County Supervisors by geographic Districts.  Don Horsley supports putting a measure on a ballot and April Vargas supports election by Districts.

Based on my observation of the City of Berkeley, I am sure election of Supervisors by geographic Districts is far superior to at-large election of Supervisors. With District elections, San Mateo county coastside concerns will have 5x their present weight with at least one County Supervisor.

The bind I find myself in is the otherwise well qualified candidate is weak in his support of conversion to District election.

So that itchy little question, “why have a candidates forum at Seton Coastside.” makes it obvious: El Granada, Moss Beach and Montara are in the developmental limbo - too small to become cities and but big enough to be real places with a need for community centers.

On the Harbor Commissioner candidates I found myself wondering, the Harbor District could use $5 million dollars quick. If Pillar Point Harbor would sell what is left of the Burnham Strip, for an El Granada Community Strip, how do we come up with an “El Granada” type entity to buy it from them?