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Please join the Coastside Land Trust for an exciting workshop led by Alvaro Jaramillo, local biologist, life-long birder, eco-tour guide to the Americas, and author of Field Guide to the Birds of Chile and New World Blackbirds. Come learn about the Coastside birds of prey: hawks, eagles, falcons, kites and owls. Study field marks, behavior, ecology and migratory patterns. Find out how to tell them apart and where to locate them. Light refreshments will be served.

Wavecrest Bird Walk from 3:00 - 5:00 p.m.
Meet at Smith Field at the west end of Wavecrest Road, Half Moon Bay

Come stroll through this beautiful blufftop open space, lead by Alvaro Jaramillo and Gary Deghi, HMB wildlife biologist, environmental consultant and Sequoia Audubon member. Apply your workshop skills and identify birds and other wildlife. Warm beverages and cookies will be served at the end.

Suggested donation for Workshop: Adults $15, seniors & students $5, under 18 free.

Wavecrest Bird Walk: free. Bring binoculars, dress in layers and wear sturdy, waterproof shoes.

Upcoming Events:
March 26 from 10–noon, for a cleanup day at our Wavecrest area properties. Roll up your sleeves, grab your clippers, gloves and boots, and come out for some fun together on the blufftop. We’ll say goodbye to selected invasive plants and garbage as we steward our lands together. Meet in the parking lot at Smith Field at 10 am, at the west end of Wavecrest Rd, off Highway 1 at Cameron’s Pub.

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Fri, February 25, 2011 5:12pm
Joe Devlin
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Red tailed haws are a threat. Don’t believe me? Rent “Birdemic” - a documentary about bird attacks in HMB.

My favorite scene takes place in front of the bus at Cameron’s. Twenty people are trapped in the bus by a mixed flock of killer red tailed hawks and seagulls.  They fly like synchronous swimmers - down flap, up flap, down flap, up flap, in beautifully choreographed motion.  This allows them to hover in formation ten foot in front of the bus. Our heroes (the model and billionaire) arrive and blaze away with a variety of guns.  How do they manage to blow all the birds away without breaking a single window in the bus ten foot behind them?  Amazed, the rescued people come running out of the bus to thank our brave heroes. Before they can cross the twenty feet to deliver a single thanks hug another flock of birds swoops down and poops caustic acid all over every rescued man woman and child. The recently rescued die within seconds writhing in agony.

I wanted to make this a feature at one of the Coastside Film Society screenings. The choice got voted down by every other member of the Board.  I guess I am the only nature lover on the Board. You can petition the Film Society to bring this fine film to Half Moon Bay by emailing me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Many thanks to the enthusiastic folks who attended yesterday’s Raptor Workshop and Walk at Wavecrest. We were rewarded with a fascinating presentation by international bird expert Alvaro Jaramillo, followed by an in-the-field application of the information learned. Gary Deghi, local bird expert, joined us in the field, where we quickly identified Kestrels, Black-winged Kites, Harriers, Red-tailed, Red-shouldered, Sharp-shinned and Cooper’s Hawks. Sharing several spotting scopes, we got really good looks at the raptors and their field markings. We saw several non-raptor species, including White-crowned and Savannah Sparrows, Egrets and Gulls. An unexpected sighting was a pair of Mergansers flying to the south well overhead. The Kites and Kestrels put on quite a show, landing close by in the tops of scrubs and exhibiting hunting behaviors, especially long and intense “kiting” as they hunted throughout the bluff top area.

The Coastside Land Trust will be offering additional bird and wildflower workshops this year, and will repeat the raptor event next February. Please check our website <http://coastsidelandtrust.org> or contact the office (650-726-5056) to get the schedule.