MCC committee on Rancho Corral de Tierra, Monday, Feb 21


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Rancho Corral de Tierra

An ad hoc committee from the Midcoast Community Council (MCC) will meet with neighbors of Rancho Corral de Tierra (RCdT) to discuss the two proposed portals (Le Conte in Montara & Coral Reef in Clipper Ridge). The purpose of the meeting is to inform every one of the latest updates and organize the group to gather the public’s ideas on alternatives to these trail heads which will be used in future discussions with GGNRA and County representatives. This committee is intended to update the community on this issue and act under the Bylaws of the MCC.

We are tentatively scheduled to meet Monday, February 21, at 7pm at Seton Medical Center Coastside, Marine Boulevard & Etheldore, Moss Beach. (Take Highway 1 to Marine Boulevard and follow hospital signs uphill then take the first left before reaching the Hospital’s main parking lot to go to the upper lot).

It is time for the Coastside residents to organize and decide on a coherent plan so we can communicate this to NPS and the County. This will be the first of many meetings to work together with GGNRA and County Public Works to come up with an equitable solution that protects the residents and gives everyone in the bay area easy access to this wonderful addition to our open space.

MCC attendees must park in upper parking lot per hospital policy

For those who may not be aware, Peninsula Open Space Trust (POST) is in the process of turning over approximately 4200 sq acres parcel known as Rancho Corral de Tierra (RCdT) to the National Parks Service (NPS) Golden Gate National Recreational Area (GGNRA). The current time frame for this is this spring (2011).

Since earlier December when the local community from Corral Ridge and Montara (by Farallone View) expressed concerns about the intrusion into their neighborhoods and worries about traffic, parking, restroom facilities, and safety issues, we have been gathering information and working with all the parties that would be involved with planning this turn over.

Many of you voiced the need for alternative access points which would better serve visitors from the greater bay area with park access located closer to HWY 1 and not impact local residential neighborhoods. Some of you also wanted to be more involved in the National Park Services planning process so everyone would benefit from this addition and have a positive experience with RCdT. We also heard similar comments on working together from National Park Service (NPS). So it is this common ground that we should start off planning how to work with NPS to come up with a solution.

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Sat, February 19, 2011 2:37pm
risa galant
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Thanks for calling this meeting! Hoping there’ll be a good turnout, even with the short notice.

FYI, “Corral Ridge” should be “Clipper Ridge”.



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Sun, February 20, 2011 12:44pm
Bill Kehoe
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Thanks. I knew that but my brain short circuited and I concatenated Coral Reef Ave with Clipper Ridge and didn’t catch it. And the extra ‘r’ was just

And, yes it is short notice but I sent out three dates (2/21, 2/25 and 2/28) to those people who had already sent me their email addresses because I can only get the room on Monday or Friday. Of those who responded 2/21 was the favorite. I guess people want to get moving on this and there will be more meetings in the future.

I look forward to your participation.

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Mon, February 21, 2011 3:15pm
Jim Sullivan
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I am unable to attend tonights mtng.

Parking +access is something the neighbors need to be involved with, your gatherings will further that participation,and I thank You for calling this gathering.
Something I’d like to add, as part of the spreading out of access points to RCdT.

Pretty much every trail within the upper reaches of RCdT is an out + back trail.
My suggestion,as part of the neighborhoods proposals, is to include encouraging GGNRA staff to create interconnecting trails within the RCdT properties.
These trails extensions will allow folks to range, potentially from Pacifica, specifically San Pedro Valley County Park,through McNee Ranch SP,and on to the RCdT properties.
These trails corridors already exist at lower elevations within McNee Ranch SP to RCdT. My thoughts are to interconnect from the upper elevations, specifically North Peak to the RCdT lands. The existing power pole corridors from North Peak southward to RCdT is overgrown,but with determined brushing efforts, could be opened for public through ways quite readily.
One of the biggest advantage to these higher elevation corridors, they are 100% outside of SFPUC lands, which is a huge advantage due to SFPUC being the most restrictive entity in terms of public trails access in the whole of San Mateo County.
The long term advantage to the neighbors meeting tonight?

The interconnecting of our open space trails+lands will provide many options for visitors to park their vehicles at sites other than our 2 neighborhoods currently being considered by GGNRA staff.
I look fwd to attending the next mtng.