Supervisor candidates forum, Wednesday

Posted by on Tue, April 19, 2011

The League of Women Voters Candidates Forum for Board of Supervisors will be held April 20, from 7 to 8:30pm at the San Mateo Public Library in the Oak Room, 55 W 3rd Ave, San Mateo.

The mail in ballots must arrive by May 3rd. I figure I need to mail my ballot by next Sunday April 24th.

I have not found (yet) any voting endorsement from somebody who understands “Which candidate will do things that relatively benefit the Coastside?”

One issue I have identified is, which candidates support and approve district election of supervisor. The present system is the whole county votes for all 5 supervisors.

On this specific issue, it seems Dave Pine has the strongest position for moving to district election.

I am very disappointed with what the big 4 establishment candidates say about taxation in San Mateo county. What I am looking for and I do not see is a Supervisor who will undertake the process of persuading the voters to alter the county and school funding structure. A shift to higher sales tax and lower property tax (with a modest net increase in revenue) is an idea that will take a real selling campaign by the Supervisors.

On the revenue issue, the newspaper article asked the candidates about “the San Mateo County 100 million dollar structural deficit”. The best response, indicating a person who understood the numbers and issues was from Holober.

I know how you feel about being disappointed in a candidate. A number of years ago I was ripped off by a local real estate developer by the name of Chris Cook after giving him money to build a house for my family. Imagine how disappointed I was to find out that this guy is being financially supported by our great consumer advocate Richard Holober. It was bad enough that the ex-mayor of Millbrae Nadia Holober and present council member is one of the attorney’s he pays that helps him evade liability for his wrong doings, but when I found out that Richard Holober a man well respected as a consumer advocate was helping finance him, I really started looking deep into San Mateo’s dirty politics and the search has just begun. This guy Cook has been involved with at least 25 lawsuits involving at least 150 citizens and small business owners of San Mateo and San Francisco County, many including myself have lost everything, for no reason other than trusting a unknown conman and not realizing just how much a fraudster can get away with when he is well connected. If the theory of 6 degrees of separation is correct then just looking at the lawsuits in San Mateo County well over 100,000 citizens in San Mateo County know somebody who claims to have been ripped off by this guy one way or another . Not only is it a matter of public record that the Holobers lent this developer Chris Cook $ 100,000 after a unanimous San Mateo jury found him liable for some of his thefts , but also that by some miracle the Holobers were the only creditors paid monies owed by Cook and only 2 weeks before he filed Chapter 7 no asset bankruptcy on February 25,2011. This Real Estate developer Chris Cook , has listed over 300 creditors who’s debts he’s trying to erase after leaving a path of defective housing and many lost of their life savings. If this guy is bankrupt how can he give the Holobers $100,000 right before everybody else gets stiffed. Maybe we should ask Nadia her legal opinion as to if this is even legal or if it is considered an illegal preferential transfer , some might even say the Holobers are assisting someone in committing bankruptcy fraud, which is how I see it.It scares the heck out of me to learn who some of our elected politicians support on the sidelines, and it should scare the heck out of you too.  Looking at Richard Holobers previous endorsement and donations, I see they include many of the characters involved with the Kevin Shelly scandal and the illegal campaign contributions. One of the donations that stand out is one of Chris Cooks out of state entities that donated $2,000, I thought there was a $1,000 limit from an out of state entity. Don’t vote for Richard Holober and let him know and the San Mateo court, that we won’t support anybody that supports those that defraud us.