Take a minute to answer HMB’s downtown survey

Posted by on Wed, April 20, 2011

The city of Half Moon Bay is working on a planning process with graduate students from the planning program from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

They’re conducting an online survey to gather information about behavior in and attitudes toward downtown Half Moon Bay.

It’s not clear how they expect to get useful results from a online survey without sampling respondents, but if you have an opinion about downtown, you should answer the survey and get your voice in the mix.

Love this:

Where do you live?

Half Moon Bay
El Granada
Other (please specify)

Note that Moss Beach isn’t even a choice.

Student project id off to a really bad start…


It’s easy to get confused; so many of our places have several names.

They also confused the town of Princeton (west side of 1, hugging the harbor) with the El Granada neighborhood of Princeton-by-the-Sea (east side of 1, not exactly by-the-Sea), aka Clipper Ridge.

And hey, are those the Mavericks bluffs, or Pillar Point bluffs, or Seal Cove bluffs, or….

I kinda like the idea of living in a community called Other (Please Specify).

I’d also like to know what they consider “downtown”. Personally I don’t consider the shopping at 92 & 1 “downtown” but that the only place I shop in HMB

I agree that Strawflower Village, the New Leaf shopping center (whatever it’s called), North Main Street, and Shoreline Station are not downtown, but not everyone may see it that way.