HMB releases financial analysis of Beachwood settlement

By on Thu, June 5, 2008

CIty of Half Moon Bay, Piper Jaffray

The city of Half Moon Bay has released a financial analysis of the cost of developing Beachwood should the state legislature decide not to accept its settlement.

The city’s investment bankers, Piper Jaffray, estimate that the city will lose $48 million if 19 houses can be built on the site, and $9 million if 129 houses can be built.

We’re going to dig more deeply into these numbers in the near future, and we’ve already got some ideas about what to do, but tonight, you can download the Piper Jaffray’s analysis [pdf] and an Excel spreadsheet of their numbers from Coastsider.

What do you think of the city’s numbers? What would you be considering if you were presented with this analysis? Add your thoughts in comment to this story and we’ll add your ideas to our analysis of the city’s analysis.