New Coastside organizations will promote “infrastructure sensitive to the environment”

Posted by on Tue, May 2, 2006

A new nonprofit organization and companion political action committee have been formed on the Coastside.

Organizers will announce the formation of Coastside Community First— a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization eligible to receive tax-deductible contributions—and Put Community First, a political action committee at Tuesday’s Half Moon Bay City Council meeting. 

Charlie Gardner, who will direct the tax-deductible organization, is a director of the Cabrillo Unified School District.  The political action committee, Put Community First, will be headed by Ev Ascher, a director of the Coastside County Water District.

Gardner sent us the following mission statement:

Coastside Community First, founded by concerned Coastsiders committed to ensure that the best long-term interests of our community are always at the forefront of public decision making. Coastside Community First stands for a high-quality infrastructure sensitive to the environment; with transparent and responsive local government; and with all-inclusive, moderate political solutions that balance the various interests of our diverse community."

Gardner wrote Coastsider in an email, "It is our intention to provide educational information via web based access, and conduct various public outreach endeavors which will address public education, transportation, emergency preparedness, economic sustainability, and environmental sensitivity as these issues directly relate to our Coastside."

Gardner told me that the PAC would be able to to be involved in political endorsements, which was not possible for the tax-deductible organization he would be heading. As its first action, the PAC was endorsing Measure S, the school parcel tax.  "We were going to wait until after the parcel tax election to avoid confusing the issue, but we went ahead of schedule because of the Devil’s Slide closure." Transportation is a key element of the organizations’ mission.

The directors of Coastside Community First are:

  • Charles Gardner, President
  • Nathan Serdy, Treasurer
  • Stephen Wilson, Secretary
  • Don Bacon
  • Mary Bordi
  • Terry Gossett
  • Silvia Prewett

I asked Gardner if this was an attempt by one side of the local divide to shift the local debate from the problems of development to the need for infrastructure, and if representatives from both sides were included in the organizational meetings. Gardner said that it was his desire to include all sides and that he would be asking members of the League for Coastside Protection to participate.


Correction: Nathan Serdy, not Seerdy.

Addition: Stephen Wilson is Secretary.

I am one of the directors of CCF.

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Corrections made. 

I can recommend Mary’s blog, which is one of the best on the Coastside.

The mission statement says

“Coastside Community First stands for a high-quality infrastructure sensitive to the environment”

At tonight’s City Council Meeting, the public heard that this new tax-exempt organizaton is advocating the building of a two lane bypass the would depart eastward from Highway 1 between Grandview and Terrace, go behind the HMB High School, and then finally emerge onto Hwy 92 via the path of “Foothill Blvd.”

According to the drawing passed out at the meeting, the plan would appear to require at least two new traffic lights, one at the Highway 1 departure point (between Grandview and Terrace), and the other at the Hwy 92-Foothill intersection.

The materials passed out at the meeting stated, “Construction costs could be shared equitably between planned development owners [translation: developers] and the public.”

No information was given about: (1) the estimated cost of this project, (2) how many new houses might be associated with it, or (3) what kind of impacts the project might have on known wetlands or sensitive habitat in the vicinity.

Perhaps the board members of CCF could fill in some more details.

The statement,s of the new CCF sound good. Of course they will be accused of being development prone.
I also feel our infrastructure on the coast need,s help. My family has been in HMB since 6/69, since then there,s hardly been any thing built for the people that have moved here.
We let houses be built people enter this country but we wont build them any new roads or increase road capacity, reservoirs or any other facilities i guess we expect all these new resident,s not to drive, drink water or flush tiolets!Infrastructure needs to keep up with the people as much as we dont like to see new construction. Im sure we can find homes for our sacred frogs & snakes.