Video: MWSD candidates debate

Posted by on Fri, October 26, 2007

Video by Darin Boville, used with permission of Montara Fog

The Montara Water and Sanitary race has turned into the roughest, down and dirty contest on the Coastside this year. One candidate, framing himself and his campaign around issues of wise financial management was discovered (via anonymous tipster) not to have paid his taxes—including the portion that goes to MWSD—for two and a half years. Then, in apparent payback, a rival candidate was found (via anonymous tipster) to be a few weeks late on taxes on her second primary residence. I still don’t know what "second primary residence" means but it is legal, it seems.

But wait! That’s all about the horse race and nothing about the course. That’s what the old, traditional news sources do—put the excitement of campaigning up front and center and sort of forget to cover the very issues that are motivating people to fight so hard over a seemingly boring topic such as water.

Here we present each of the three candidates at the recent debate, hosted by the Midcoast Community Council. You’ll notice it is all about issues and nothing about scandal. That’s a good thing.

 WIDTH=Opening Statements Quicktime | Flash |

 WIDTH=We have now owned our water sanitary district for over four years. We do not have more water, more water storage, better taste, or better quality. What will you do to remedy this in the next one year? Quicktime | Flash |

 WIDTH=In November, 2003, at the community meeting, the water district stated, "a water deficiency of 400,000 gallons per day." What would you do to solve this? Quicktime | Flash |

 WIDTH=Do you strongly support sewer authority’s midcoast recycling program? Why or why not? Quicktime | Flash |

 WIDTH=Would you commit yourself that, if elected, you will do everything within your ability to relieve the water moratorium within the next four years? Would you please consider the Alta-Vista well and county permits for wells in your response? Quicktime | Flash |

 WIDTH=Closing Statements Quicktime | Flash |