Comments by Lothar Meisner

Devil’s Slide to reopen August 4

July 27, 2006
Paranoid or Pollyanna, its a lose lose for Caltrans. If the road had opened in a month they'd be accused of being a bunch of hacks. If they had opened in late October they'd be accused of sandbagging it & milking the contract. There's never a lack of subtext if you're willing to look for it. I actually thought that all the photos of the repair work were really staged on a Hollywood soundstage. In fact there was one photo that looked like all the signs and construction equipment had text wriiten in…

Coastsider’s Devil’s Slide coverage

August 02, 2006
I'm looking forward to the potatoe sack race between Carl May & Robert Steger over Devil's Slide on Friday at 5AM. I heard CalTrans has rigged up a pretty good obstacle course for them.