Comments by Hans Kuendig

Opinion: “Major Restructuring” comes to Cunha Middle School

July 10, 2008
Hello, I am sorry to hear that our only public option for middle school instruction is failing to live up to its responsibilities. What we know right now is that we need change. The question is: what change? I wonder if we might have the option of borrowing expertise and ideas from another program on the coast, which happens to provide services to essentially the same consumer, that is, middle school children. I believe we have a successful program in our community, and I'd like to think that we,…

Album: Touring the Devil’s Slide Tunnel construction site with Congressman Lantos

June 04, 2007
Very nice photos, and I am glad to see some progress. Six years is a long time, though. The recent Oakland freeway repair in a matter of days is an example to all that things do not have to take so long. Perhaps it is time that we consider more incentive-based projects with outside contractors. I can't help wondering how long the Maze contractor would take to build this tunnel. With all due respect to CalTrans--and I have seen improvements in this organization--perhaps we need to look at a new paradigm…