Comments by Cindi Whittemore

Princeton Seafood Co. on board with “Hats Off to Teachers”

March 14, 2010
Just want to let all teachers know, Ink Spell Books continues to appreciate you by continuing to offer 20% off all book teachers purchase.

Randie Marlow’s “Along the Waterfront”

January 20, 2010
Randie's exhibit is currently on display here at Ink Spell Books. We welcome you to come and enjoy the dozens of pieces Randie has hung all around our store. And maybe take one home!

Coastsider operating out of Caffe Lucca. How’s the storm affecting you?

October 13, 2009
We lost a window at Ink Spell Books in HMB. It was cracked to begin with so not a big shock, but that wind was COLD! Thank you to Steve who came running over with a big piece of plywood! Next door at LaDiDa we lost the newest tree on the street. We'll be cozy tomorrow for Story Time and we're looking forward to seeing some of the Farralone View Kindergarteners. They'll get to see our new plywood window!

Letter: While Preparing to Close the Doors

March 19, 2009
Mark, Thank you so much for being there for us as we started Ink Spell Books. When you arrived with flowers and a "welcome to the neighborhood" it was the warmest welcome we had ever felt. It meant the world to us. The number of times we have called Moon News looking for a title, we were always met with a sincere camaraderie that will truly be missed. Sincerely, Cindi

Cunha returns to old schedule, cancels buses

September 14, 2006
"So parents who think that kids can’t walk to school also never let them out of sight when they’re home, playing out in the street or going to friend’s houses? Give me a break." No, I don't. When my son is walking to his friends house, we call the house first to make sure someone is home and he calls me the minute he gets to his friends house. Most of his friends do that same. If I haven't heard from him in 10 mins, I call the house, if they haven't seen him both myself and the friends mom…