Comments by Debbie Wolfe

If you have an un-neutered male dog, please keep him on the leash

June 09, 2010
Elizabeth, it sounds like you know who the owners are. In addition to protecting yourself & your dog on your walks, I suggest you contact Jeff Christner, the manager of animal rescue & control at the Peninsula Humane Society/SPCA and file a complaint. His number is 650-340-7022 and his email is [email protected] . It's grossly irresponsible for those people to blame your leashed dog for this interaction. They have a dangerous dog and they need to be held accountable, preferable before someone really…

Coastsiders in support of off-leash dogs

March 07, 2010
Nicole, I'm an excellent and considerate driver, but I like to drive fast and I do. It's extremely unlikely that my driving will ever harm anyone, but I recognize that I may deservedly get a ticket some day. I won't suggest that we repeal the speed limits, though. If your dog is so well behaved that it never bothers anyone, I'm not sure you really have a problem. If someone hassles you, put the leash on and walk away.

Coastsiders in support of off-leash dogs

March 07, 2010
In an ideal world, every dog would be properly socialized as a puppy, never be abused, neglected, or abandoned, never develop any behavioral issues, and be trained for reliable off-leash behavior. Sadly, that's not the world we live in. Like Barry, I have observed that most people who think they have voice control over their dogs do not. For those of us with imperfect dogs whose encounters with other dogs need to be managed, dealing with uncontrolled off-leash dogs puts a real damper on our ability…

Album: Tweetup in Half Moon Bay

April 29, 2009
The tweetup was a lot of fun and a great way to meet more of the wonderful folks who live in our area, not to mention our surprise guest from NY. Thanks for taking the pictures and publicizing the event. I hope we'll do it again!

Letter: Montara Mountain Lovers, please leash your dogs

October 13, 2008
Bill wrote: "When I encounter someone else who is accompanied by an off leash dog, I usually leave Kaylee off leash, but carefully observe the body language of each dog to see if there is any tension between them. Warning signs are when the ruff is up, tail is straight, and legs are stiff. Most of the time encounters with other off leash dogs go fine, and they either play a little, or sniff each other and go on their way." The importance of being attentive to a dog's body language can't be over emphasized.…

Album: Fourth of July Parade 2008

July 06, 2008
Thank you Cheri, Brook, and Darin for your great parade pictures, especially those of my dogs! :)

Landowners sue HMB, saying Oak Avenue Park is on their property

June 22, 2008
Janet, were you able to click on the camera icons in the right hand column and download the pdf files? I didn't count the pages, but the text of the complaint is on the line that says "(S) Complaint Filed". Documents referenced in the complaint are accessible from the lines labeled "Received, Part n Of The Complaint". In my browser, Adobe reader indicated in a band above the document that it retreived 2 documents. The one it initially displayed was not the complaint. On the upper left, there was…

Landowners sue HMB, saying Oak Avenue Park is on their property

June 21, 2008
The case is online HERE.